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Meg here! It’s been a stressful life month and my skin may have put on a few extra wrinkles. Megsroomie works for the biggest talent agency in the world. She’s a young whippersnapper that’s out early in the am, toils away at the office and never makes it home before 8:30pm. This is why I am nice to her. She may just be 24 years old but I do believe she will be running the town soon. Kiss

She is so busy working hard (I have to support this work ethic-I hope she’ll take me in when I’m old and broken) I turn a blind eye to her never commenting on any of my posts! I nearly died when I saw a “Megsroomie” comment on my Prudence birthing update. Of course her comment was wanting to know if I would bring her to Paris with me, but I guess it’s a start.

Even though she is the youngest in the house, she is concerned her skin is looking tired. It has every excuse to. I saw her out Saturday night and while she could not at all hold her own trying to keep up with my years of refined partying skills…It was cute to see the child try.

Tonight was easy to get her attention. There are few things in this house that get mentioned as much as the word wine. When it is mentioned, the tenants ears perk up.
arconalisameg2Tonight’s product up for review is Arcona’s Wine Hydrating Mask. I enlisted the help of my young workaholic. She was a trooper setting the timer on her digital camera so we both could be in the photo! Kids these days, they know how to do everything!

I have really liked the past products I have tried from Arcona. I really love their bronzer/self tanner. Their products are used from the highest natural cosmeceutical ingredients.

Arcona’s Wine Hydrating Mask is chock full of wine extracts and reserveratrol. Macadamia nut, shea butter, carrot oils and vitamin round out the mix with a healthy dose of hyaluronic acid which is “the most effective moisture binding humectant.”

Megsroomie and I washed our mugs and then scooped the purple hued mask onto our skin.  When it dries it doesn’t feel itchy or hot or scratchy. I experienced zero of the “tightening and cracking” that you get with clay masks. It actually feels as though it moisturizes as it dries. Now how can that make sense? Wine is just so amazing! It helps my skin. It makes me dance better, my dates look cuter and I get so so funny. Wink Makes sense it would be the answer to our skin issues.

I washed my Arcona Wine Hydrating Mask off and guess what? I almost feels like I’ve applied a primer to my face. I have never had results like this. My skin is so soft that when the 3rd roomie got home (KristenOsborne88) I demanded she touch it!

“Oh, I wish I was home earlier to do the mask with you two ! Can I use that mask now?”
She asked. I believe in a happy house so I share.

I give this Arcona Wine Hydrating mask 5 of of 5 stars! I love it! There really is nothing like fine wine with friends.

Have any of you tried wine-based products? How about Arcona? This mask is a total win!

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