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arconastudioMeg here! I have a big meeting coming up this week (can you all send good vibes-I’ll owe you-and you’ll get those karma points-if you believe in that stuff.)

Between preparing for that and taking care of 3 7-week old pups and doing some consulting I have been not too on top of my updates here and I apologize. Just stick with me until Thursday comes around and I’ll be back to normal (normal? Ha!)

I’ve been doing girl prep for this appointment for a week now. I mean it is bordering on OCD. I have been exfoliating every night and using my gradual self tanner. Adding to it a nightly special foot treatment  (nothing worse then cracked feet.) Religiously using my Go Smile 7 day white treatments twice a day. Revitalash growth serum every evening. I went shopping for my outfit and had my extensions tightened yesterday. Nails and eyebrows tonight. Skin? I had that taken care of Saturday. I’m taking care of it every day but I really brought in the big guns to help me out. You may say, “OK, Meg. You have access to a lot of big guns and that’s not really fair because I don’t.” Contraire mon frere! You can get this access as well! What brought me to this line is the fact that they won me over a glass of wine! Who can turn down a wine based product? That was the hook that made me crave the entire experience. We can call the Friends of Bill after I’ve had my fun with this experience!

I try a boatload of products and when it came time for me to think about my face, I really needed to make a smart decision. I didn’t want to have any “incidents” this week. I didn’t want to be Samantha Jones at the restaurant opening with her red acid peel face. Legitimate concern, right? It does happen. I looked at the shelf of face products in my powder room (otherwise known as the 8th Wonder of the World.) When my eyes went straight to Arcona’s Wine Hydrating mask. Here’s the review on it. In a nutshell or rather a plump grape skin, Megsroomie and I loved how our skin felt after it!

I really wanted to delve more into Arcona. I did a little research and as luck would have it they have a spa right in Los Angeles. I saw The Arcona Studio was only 30 minutes away. I wasted no time in booking an Arcona Organic enzyme Peel. After reading the menu and this line “The ARCONA Enzyme Peel provides excellent cellular renewal for sun damaged, aged and dull looking skin.”

I got on the horn and was quickly in the car. I needed that peel. My pores are growing as big as Prudence’s pups! I felt so great after the mask that I applied to myself, I couldn’t wait to see how I would feel with a slew of Arcona products and an expert Arcona esthetician.

I walked in the pristine Arcona Studio and was warmly greeted. I went back to their relaxation room and had no longer sat down and started to sip my hot tea then did Rebecca Norris ask “Would you like a complimentary chair massage?” I’ve never set down a cup of tea so quickly! Rebecca was wonderfully and easily able to dissipate the knots all along my right side. Just when I could not be more relaxed my expert, Arcona Studio esthetician Chanel Jenae showed up!

How could this not go well? It was like a sign from the Heaven’s, the woman’s name was Chanel for the love of God! Yes,she told me her age and her skin looked like the skin of someone 15 years younger. This was shaping up to be quite a day.

Chanel went straight to work. I asked her if she would tell me the name of each product so I could remember to tell them to you. She said “just enjoy your treatment and I’ll email you the info.” I really enjoyed my treatment. I REALLY ENJOYED THE RESULTS! My skin was literally glowing. All of the impurities were lifted and I just looked dewy…Not oily. There’s a difference.

I have sensitive skin and I was not at all red. It’s been 48 hours and no flaking. I am a huge fan of Arcona and it is organic (I know some of you really need organic.)

When I first lied down (it was so comfortable, I almost fell asleep 3 different times) Chantal removed any makeup with Arcona’s Kiwi Cream Cleanser. For added back-up she added Cranberry Gommage Exfoliator 
topped off with a Cranberry Toner. I was now face-forward and ready for the main event.

Chanel applied a Custom Enzyme Peel just for my skin! My peel was chock full of salicylic acid, pineapple enzymes, lactic acid, papaya enzymes and vitamin C! I told you I wasn’t playing around! This is serious. It didn’t burn. It was a slight tingly feeling, slightly tightening but again, this is where I almost fell asleep for the first time so, not uncomfortable. Quite the opposite.

The next step was Arcona’s Tea Mask which healed and soothed. It was very nourishing. The Booster Defense Serum came next. Just when I thought I couldn’t feel any calmer Chanel hit my new face up with soothing Chamomile Balm! Not to be left behind my eye area was patted down with ultra-nourishing Eye Dew.

To set and finish my new derma off, Chanel set it all by spraying me and infusing the skin with blasts from an oxygen wand. I could feel the cool air refreshingly push the product all through my face. It was so nice becoming a new me!

It’s such a treat to be able to give yourself a new canvass to play on! My skin tends to get oily. It was great to blast open those clogged pore and feel a new freshness. It’s like when you leave the dentist after getting your teeth deep cleaned.

After a peel of any kind it’s very important to steer clear of the salicylic acids for a few days and because you have all new skin exposed…Sunscreen is a must! Chanel did not let me walk out the door without making sure I had Reozone SPF 40 on.

I really have been a huge fan of all things Arcona and The Arcona Studio is now another one to add to the list!

Father’s Day is coming up, if your guy is a dad then I can’t think of a better way to pamper him then with The Arcona Men Starting Kit. You may turn him into such a fan that he INSISTS  you book a trip to The Arcona Studio together! Now how smart is that?

I am going to try to get my tush at least once every 5-6 weeks in for a facial to unclog those pesky pores! How about you? Are you a facial or a massage girl? How important is it to you to know what products the spa is using?

Check Out The Arcona Studio Here!

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