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Meg here! I have had a close call with fruit lately. First off, I am allergic to latex. Secondly, as a kid I absolutely hated banana’s. My grandmother would not believe me. She would say “No one is allergic to banana’s.” She would then say that I needed potassium and make me eat the damn things. I never got outwardly ill, I just felt sick insde when I ate them.

Cut to 15 years later at my gyno exam. He asked me “do you have any allergies?” I answered “latex.” He then said “Oh, you must hate banana’s. They’re full of latex.” Bingo! I told you Gram!!

Allergies can get worse as you get older. I was just finishing up my brunch at the posh Sunset Marquis Hotel. There was a kiwi on my plate. A teeny little slice that was there for a decorative touch. I ate it. The rest of my party went to the powder room. Ironically enough, they were from New Zealand. I then felt my throat itch and swell and start to close. Great! Death by kiwi while brunching with Kiwi’s, how ironic. I’m still here so no, I didn’t drop dead but it was a scary experience. Apparently, those little suckers are full of latex. So I’m being more careful of the latex fruit list. I’m going to be really depressed when I can’t eat tomatoes. Gosh, I love tomatoes.

However, since the “kiwi incident” I have been avoiding strawberries, mango’s, avacado and yes, the dreaded banana. When I look back at sex ed, where the teacher puts a latex condom on a banana I have an anxiety attack. Thank God I never volunteered. That’s just a lethal combo!

Raspberries are now (until I feel a throat tightening) my new go to! Why just this past Friday night LAFred and I went for margarita’s and I ordered the purple raspberry one. Yum. Megsroomie was having a Halloween party at the house and I was too tired to be home for it. Friday’s kill me. I can’t keep my eyes open past 11pm.

I asked LAFred is I could stay at his house and if I could bring Prudence and have a movie night? All I wanted was to put on my sweats. LAFred agreed, yay! We were off. A night of sweats, a movie and to top it off Arcona’s Raspberry Resurfacing Peel.  My skin was looking dull and tired and LAFred said he’d try this new peel out with me. People rave over it! Google the ARCONA RASPBERRY RESURFACING PEEL REVIEWS!


I am a huge fan of Arcona! I am always really impressed with their products and I usually enlist a friend to try them with me. I’m all about the sharing the great results. Megsroomie and I were so thrilled a while back when we tried Arcona’s Wine Hydrating Mask, I couldn’t wait to get to LAFred’s and try the peel!

After thoroughly washing my makeup off and patting my face dry, I squeezed out the Raspberry Peel and applied it all over my face avoiding the eye area. Initially it really stung. I got a little paranoid and said a silent prayer I wasn’t having some new fruit reaction. I wasn’t, fruit sugar is powerful stuff and it was eating away at the dead cell layer of skin off my face. After 2 minutes it the sting went away but I definitely felt a tingle for a good 5 minutes after.

LAFred felt only a slight tingle. My skin must be more sensitive and he is not aware of having any latex issues himself. 

I left the peel on for the full 15 minutes and then rinsed it off with warm water. My skin felt like I had just had a facial! Really! My skin felt tighter but really clean and soft. If also brought a pesky whitehead to surface. Another organic win for Arcona!

I didn’t want Megsroomie to miss out so I was sure to bring home the tube so she could experience this latest skin victory!

If you need a quick resurfacing, I highly recommend Arcona Raspberry Resurfacing Peel. I recommend it so much that I just used it again tonight. I followed it up with my Michael Todd True Organics Intensive Eye Cream and my Michael Todd True Organics Knu Moisturizer. You’re going to want to moisturize after. All of this organic skincare has left my face very happy. But boy, I really am going to miss fruit salad.

What peels are you a fan of? Have you tried Arcona?

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