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The mahvelous owner of Appellation, Jim sent us some of their Grapeseed Clay Mask out to review. Don’t be a playa hatah, but I’ve got it all! Shiny oily T-Zone, dry cheeks and sometimes when I’m really frontin’ -a nice flakey red irritation at the bottom of my nostrils that sometimes will also break-out on my chin! How can one girl be so lucky?

I’ve done mud masks, I’ve done clay masks, honey masks, hydrating masks (that one was good) and even a chocolate mask. The Scott Barnes hydrating mask was the only one that I’ve ever used that I liked. Maybe that’s because I never included “grapeseed” into my regimen. God knows (and everyone else-no big shocker here) I’ve included imbibing fermented grape juice like it’s going out of style into my nightly routine. It doesn’t make my skin look better but the secret is, by the third glass I really don’t care. The other benefit is by the fourth glass, whoever I’m with, their skin starts to look fantastic!

At Megsmakeup we usually review pretty lush (ha ha) brands. Appellation Grapeseed Clay mask is $26. I have never spent $26 on a clay mask. Then again, I’m not sure of the market price for grape seed so maybe it’s all relative. Anyhow, Appellation touts this as a “luxury” experience. I’m into “luxury” big time. If this mask can make some sense of the jigsaw puzzle that is my skin then I’ll shell out for it.

Here’s what Appellation claims…“A deep cleansing, firming, and polishing mask that unclogs pores while it moisturizes and revitalizes. Crushed grape seed exfoliates and detoxifies without damaging skin. Vitamins A and E, with citrus and botanical extracts, provide essential nourishment. True luxury”.

Ladies please post if Appellation Grapeseed Clay Mask makes your skin great without needing 3 glasses of grapeseed turned liquefied and fermented cocktails!

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