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Gorgeous Granny  wishing you a happy long-Memorial Day weekend and where I come from,it’s the FIRST weekend that you can “legally” break out those white shoes in all their glory without the fashion police whispering into their suburban-swatch watches about your faux-pas in horror!
I actually hate white shoes because I remember having to polish them every damn Sunday with drippy ol’ sponge-on white “Kiwi” polish and once you started using it,they ended up looking like chalky ghosts of their former sparkling selves

In other words,butt-ugly: May you never experience this!
We’ve chatted before about how Spring is the time to shed that skin and to embrace nature,sunshine (with sunblockof course!) and to take time to smell all the posies…now how about we add some WINE to that mix??? Thought I’d get your attention!

Specifically grapes: they are lush,gorgeous,sensual and delicious,multi-varietal,and the fruit from which all that is wine is created! Their seeds are also an amazing source of “antioxidents”,a word that is tossed around frequently these days in beauty-circles,basically meaning that they are believed to help the body/skin prevent the damaging effects of oxidation which is “corrosion” loosely defined…welcome to Chem 101 people!
In other words,they help protect your precious exterior from the damaging effects of the environment in a nutshell.

Their natural nutritional elements have been proven to reduce inflamation,possibly reduce the risk of cancer,and evidence exists that they can also aid in arthritis and promote vascular health as well!
You’d think that they’d leave the damn seeds in them when we buy grapes at the grocery,right? LOL! Many people detest seeds,my husband acts personally offended should once graze his lips.
My husband actually has a small vineyard aka expensive hobby that involves much work, specialized machinery, too much time that includes hours of educated “mad-scientist” creation/frustration of wine and in a good year,it results a few decent bottles to gift to people on Holidays,! I have seen first-hand the mess…whoops…I mean process that the grapes are subjected to before any seeds are available to be used by some for the enhancement of we the people.It’s pretty comprehensive and I have respect for those who go to such lengths to use grapes in all their goodness for our beauty-benefits,
A few brilliant and forward thinking companies have started to incorporate the do-gooder grapeseed into their products with wonderful results:“Appellation” is one such company and their beautiful line of skin-care products is not only scientifically “effective”,their packaging,which resembles a classy wine bottle is cute as hell,they smell great,and work even better!

Base in California,Appellation has managed to harness the scent of a vineyard in their lovely bath and body products as well as the benefits of the noble grape itself! I received a small grouping of their spa-based products to try and honestly feel they are best enjoyed and used together for optimum results.

The affordability factor would allow for several of the adorable bottles near one’s tub and they’re VERY gift-worthy,IMO! I can see putting a few in a basket with a bottle of the real-stuff and/or one special gift in a cute wine bottle or bag…I’m always on the lookout for “cheap,easy,and glam” gifts to put together at a moment’s notice these days.
The “Face and Body Wash” smells like a fine vintage and is extermely gentle as it contains no sufates…this means low-lather but skin is left soft and clean.

I LOVED the “Grapeseed Scrub” for use all over the body and on the face as well,my sensitive skin responded well to the microfine-beads and again the scent is one worthy of “A Walk in the Clouds!” (swoons over young Keanu)

Both are luxurious and would be fabulous to use every day…
My FAVORITE in the collection I sampled however is Appallation’s “Grapeseed Hand and Nail Cream”.I know,there are countless hand-creams on the market but trust me,this one is uber-rich,totally non-sticky,smells like heaven in a tube,and honestly leaves my hands soft,matte,and feeling very soothed for a long-time after I apply it! I have the worst cuticles in the universe and this actually has improved the ragged-beasts!
Can I say after using these products,I am DYING to give their “Muscle Soak” and the lavender-lux “Massage Oil” a try: I can smell them in my mind already and have a feeling they will join the collection near my tub very soon! I love when a company produces a carefully-edited and reasonably priced line of products that live up to the claims and exceed them with style and substance as well!
A new fav-line for me and a way that all of us whether we indulge or not ,can allow the “grip of the grape” to sweep us off our feet! 🙂
Their website is elegant-simplicity at it’s finest and free shipping on an over $40.00 order is a HUGE plus these days!

Who else is loving how tipsy these products leave us feeling!

Buy it here!

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