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red carpetJasmine Simone here! Grammy’s, Golden Globes, Emmy’s, oh my! Los Angeles has been a whirlwind of awards shows, hosted events, networking, and festivities over the past couple months (not to mention even more jam-packed traffic if you can possibly imagine) and it has kept me busy! I’m sure you’ve all seen the flurry of recent red carpet and after-party photos showing at the celebs at their glamorous best on Star, Perez, and even Oprah. What you don’t usually see is all the behind the scenes preparation that goes into getting the celebrities and other A-listers at their most beautified best for their interviews, acceptance speeches and paparazzi moments.

The Academy Awards closes out the season and is by far the most active. I was lucky enough to walk a couple of weeks in their shoes and get face-to-face time with some of our most beloved brands and businesses. First stop on the pre-Oscar event train was Anastasia Beverly Hills – Brentwood salon who was kind enough to invite the local Meg Heads to get a taste of the bevy of services they have to offer. Named after founder Anastasia Soare, known especially for her fabulous brow services and the A-list celebs that seek her out, Anastasia Beverly Hills – Brentwood ( a high-end salon that really is a one-stop shop for all your beauty pampering needs. They do everything here: hair, facials, waxing, make-up consultations and makeovers, massages, mani-pedis, and they even have their own line of makeup and skincare products that are specified to compliment the various skin tones and types.

At the event, I was privileged to a blow-out, a mini manicure, and a make-up makeover; there were even a mini-facial station and massage station but I ran out of time – arrgh! However, regarding the services I did partake of, I found all of the salon staff to be friendly, skillful and very knowledgeable. My blow-out could have been a disaster  – according to Ji Song, the stylist, my hair had too much product and was weighing it down ruining her vision for a flouncy style (I called myself using extra protection since blowdrying can be damaging to relaxed hair, but I definitely over didn’t that night – my bad!) However, she made it work fabulously and gave me an amazing up-do that complimented my face and looked, sexy messy and effortless all at the same time. Impressive! All the ladies kept coming up to compliment the style she created and even resulted in others asking for up-dos in lieu of the traditional straight blow-out they were offering. I definitely need to learn how to do recreate that but until then I will keep her mind for any future up-do needs. I also very much enjoyed getting my eyebrows waxed for the first time! Since I barely have any eyebrow hair to begin with (very thin and light), I don’t pluck them so I never even considered myself a candidate for eyebrow services.  However, that night I learned that though they brows may be low-to-no maintenance, you can almost always use at least a little shaping to bring out their best. I must say it did. My wonderful eyebrow technician, Mirela Ionescu, was very careful in making sure the eyebrows were perfectly symmetrical, equidistant from the nose, and arched to my eye shape to best enhance all my facial features; I did notice a difference, especially around the eyes (though probably less so than someone with more prominent and full brows.) The mini mani was great of course.

All in all, my experience at Anastasia was very pleasurable and informative and gave me some new ways to evaluate what I am incorporating into my beauty regimen. I would highly recommend this salon to my friends when they are in need of a  professional touch-up to their grooming or just a relaxing day of self-indulgence.

What are some of your favorite salon services to get? Have you ever experienced these at any of the Anastasia Beverly Hills locations? Share your experiences with us!

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