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The quest for beauty is sometimes a mysterious journey. Sure, there’s things I’ve known my whole life (don’t pick pimples, clear polish extends manicures, every woman looks better in lipgloss) but there’s also a whole slew of things that I just don’t get…

Things I don’t understand, and DON’T want to:

-Dark lip liner, light lipstick-This gets mentioned a lot at Megs Makeup. Rightfully so, it’s absolutely dreadful. How does this happen? Who looks in the mirror and says “Yes, THAT matches perfectly!” It’s taught early too. I was in a toy store the other day and saw a row of Bratz dolls and every one was sporting this look. Mamas, don’t teach your babies to look like a hoochie.

-French pedicures-I know there’s going to be some of you reading this right now with a French pedicure done on your toes. I’m sorry, I just don’t get it. One of the benefits of a French manicure is it make your nails look longer than the actually are. So why would you want to look like you have long toenails? French on fingers? I think it’s pretty. French on feet? Creepy talon toes.

Things I don’t understand, but WANT to:

-Vitamins-There’s the obvious health benefits: strong bones, strengthen your immune system, healthy heart. But vitamins have a lot of beauty benefits as well. The right ones can give you healthy hair, strengthen your nails, clear your complexion, some curb your appetite or even boost your metabolism. But I don’t know which do what, I just know they exist. Know what I do? Buy a bottle of one-a days, and then forget to take them daily. I occasionally remember and take one on an empty stomach and make myself sick. Not so healthy or beautiful. It’s one of my resolutions every year. Actually, they’re always the same: Take vitamins, floss my teeth more and lose 10 lbs.

-Amatokin-When this mysterious new potion was passed around at the last mailing no one really new much about it, except that it was $175 so we were all very happy to try such a high-end item (lots of oohs and aahs). I took the literature and started to research. But beyond the packet in my hand, there wasn’t a lot to learn. They’re web site has no info, it only forwards you to the 3 places it’s for sale: Bloomies in the US, Sephora in France or directly from the manufacture (the same makers as Hylexin-which was recommended by 80% of our reviewers). Here’s what I do know: it was developed in Russia for use in burn victims and it is said to be “the first product to harness the regenerative potential of your own facial stem cells to renew skin and make it look young again targeting both deep and superficial wrinkles”. So even though it’s your own stem cells being harvested, using the term teeters this on the edge of being a controversial product. Add to that the lack of information online and the minimal places that it can be bought and a buzz is born. I’m intrigued (along with thousands of others).

But wonder no more, the trusty reviewers at Megs Makeup can tell you right now! Ladies-what has Amatokin done for your skin? I was carded today, maybe they’re on to something…

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