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aloe3Sweetassgal here feeling under the weather and under a cloud.  Unfortunately…I have joined our nations 12% and have been officially unemployed for over a week now due to a layoff.  The cherry on my fudge sundae?  I’ve been sick ever since and it’s just been miserable.  But the good news is I don’t have to take sick time and I don’t have to worry about calling in to work!  

I have the kind of lingering head and chest cold that would prompt my Grandpa Henry to slather my chest with a stinky mustard plaster and blast the humidifier at me coated in Mentholatum.  GOOD times those we’re…but he meant well and was just trying to take care of me with any good ole’ fashioned remedy he had at his disposal.  Sometimes I think those “down home” remedies have more going for them then all the antibiotics and super pills of today ever could.  At least I don’t recall him standing over me with a palm full of mustard plaster emanating legal jargon and telling me that prolonged use of muster plaster could cause side effects such as hair loss, excess flatulence, flame shooting urination, weight gain, liver damage, toe fungus, feminine itching, Tourette’s Syndrome, and sudden urge to bark and chase cars.  MY GOD half the time the cure’s side effects sound worse than the symptom they are trying to relieve!!

In my house there was one “cure all” that never failed and as far as I’ve ever known, it didn’t come with any strange side effects followed by a class action law suit handled by Jacoby & Meyers.  It was pure, and simple, and it worked…every time!

The Aloe Vera plant.  YES…that prickly strange looking plant that mom had always growing in the ugly orange pottery on the counter was a cure all in our household.  Got a sunburn?  Put aloe on it.  Bug bite?  Aloe.  Scrape, cut or burn?  Aloe.  Chicken Pox?  YEP…Aloe.  Scar needs fading?  Get the Aloe.  All you had to do was go to the plant, cut off the tip of one of it’s fleshy shoots and you had instant relief for just about any skin affliction that could ail you.  And as a former clumsy yet still slightly vain tomboy/girlie girl rolled in to one…I need it.  Often!

This cold I have has had me SO stuffed up I can’t breathe and as a result of that I’ve been an open mouth sleeper for a week and a half.  Nothing dries out your lips and the corners of your mouth like open mouth sleep breathing.  Now I can barely open my mouth wide enough to take a decent sized bite without cracking the corners of my mouth.  It’s times like this when I wish I had remembered the teachings of my youth and kept an aloe plant growing for instant relief and anti-microbial protection.  Why do I always have these brilliant epiphany’s when it comes to Green Chi Tuesdays but don’t think of them for myself?  Who knows!  But I DO know that I’m going to pop by a local nursery next time I’m well enough to get out of the house without infecting the masses with my Godzilla like cold symptoms and Cromagnon mouth breathing to buy a plant straight away.  

For those of you who kill EVERY plant like organism you try to bring into your home…fear not!  The Aloe Vera Plant is practically self sustaining.  Just keep in in a pot with well drained soil, water once every two weeks and keep in on a sill next to a sunny window.  What happens when you snip off a tip?  It seals its own skin and the rest of the shoot is preserved for future use.  Still afraid of the plant?  No worries.  Health food stores sell bottles of pure, organic aloe that keep for ages in your fridge.  And the added benefit of cold aloe on a fresh burn, scrape or bite just feels incredible so you can’t go wrong either way.

In the past we have discussed the skin benefiting properties of Vitamin E and all the ways it helps to heal skin and fade scars.  I think it’s important to mention that Aloe Vera contains Vitamin E naturally along with twenty different amino acids, eight enzymes, nine minerals, antioxidents, phytonutrients, vitamins A, C, and even B complex.  No wonder Cleopatra practically rolled in this stuff daily!  If it’s good enough for the Queen of the Nile then it’s good enough for this Sweetassgal!  GLAM ON!

Who else uses Aloe Vera for anything and everything?

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