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The fantastic rep Andree for Alison Raffaele sent us out some of her celebrated True Concealer to try. Alison has quite a celebrity following and got her start working with Bobbi Brown so her resume is solid. Whenever InStyle has those “must-have” items featured you can be sure to see some star raving over her concealer. Imagine how happy I was to get a whole box of them!

The same night I checked my megsmakeup email inbox. Inside was a nice note from an African American megsmakeup reader. She wanted to make sure I was aware we had many readers of color. She said that she was light skinned but her other friends ran the range of shades of black skin.

We know we have readers of all different ethnicities. We do have official reviewers of all different skin shades. Unfortunately, our reader was quite right. We have been, inadvertently, ignoring our African American audience and I am going to change that starting with this post. From now on, I will request a suitable shade from the beauty companies that send products to us to include for darker complexions.

I understand our readers frustration. I just request product from companies. I do not give them any specifications. They are free to send whatever they would like. Most beauty products are marketed to white women. There are a handful that specialize in black skin but more often then not, I receive products for a caucasian skin tone.

When I opened Alison Raffaele’s box of concealers I was very, very happy to see that she included concealers for all skin tones. From the palest to the darkest she had it covered. It was very kismet, like Alison knew some of our audience was feeling left out and she was sure to be all-inclusive.

The megsmakeup reader that brought this point to my attention was quickly contacted. We wanted her to know we are working on being better (we are always trying- so ladies please email us any tips or suggestions)!

When we mailed this celeb-fave concealer out to our reviewers we were able to send a bunch specifically for dark skinned women to our reader to test and have her friends also use and review. So thank-you for bringing this very valid point up! Dear Cosmetic Companies, any skin color you create for always carries the same shade of green around so don’t leave any ladies out of the loop!

Thank-you Alison for realizing this and giving us a well rounded review of your True Concealer!

Here is what Alison Raffaele Cosmetics claims for their famous True Concealer…“True Concealer is a lightweight liquid concealer that blends easily and provides natural-looking full coverage anywhere on the face or body. Suitable for all skin types, this Mineral Oil and Fragrance Free formula is safe for use on both acne prone and sensitive skin, and its micronized pigments will not settle into fine lines. True Concealer also contains Vitamins A-C-E for their anti-oxidant properties, Aloe to calm and soothe the skin, and Sodium Hyaluronate to hydrate the skin and encourage cell regeneration”.

Welcome to our new reviewers! Ladies please post if True Concealer has lived up to all of its hype!

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