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Meg here! Guess what? I didn’t graduate from medical school while I went missing. You know I am a contributor for other publications right? Well, because the police may be reading this I will only say that this may or may not have happened. If you really need to know whether this happened then I am happy to report I have a fantastic attorney and you can forward all inquiries to him.

Boss lady: We have a tip that Kim Kardashian has checked into Cedar’s Sinai and is about to give birth. Can you get in?

I may do some undercover work from time to time.

Me: Well, I have a lab coat and my eyeglasses. I can put my hair in a bun and try to work my way in. I’ll give it a shot.

Boss lady: Great! Get in there and see what’s going on.

The entire time I’m in the car in my undercover garb I am praying that I don’t get into the hospital and someone has a heart attack. Someone spots “Dr. O’Brien” and yells out “Don’t worry! There’s Dr. in the house. She’ll know what to do!” I am well versed on how much botox I put into my face. The only medical emergency I feel I am able to consult on is “crows feet” filler.

I actually have a decent track record on getting some celeb scoop but TMZ had me more than beat on this story. Did I get in? Hell yeah!  Perhaps.

My point being that in life, a lot of us have to play “double duty.” We have to play different roles and wear different hats, to succeed in life you have to be more than a one trick pony. If I have to do that as a person just to thrive, than you can bet I expect the same from my products.

airelle berrimatrix eye lip

Airelle Berrimatrix Eye & Lip Treatment with Hyaluronic Acid is not only my new secret weapon. It’s also Jenna Elfman’s, Denise Richards and the cast of “The Voice” their “must have.” It’s being used by all the top Hollywood makeup artists. This gem is dual duty. It reduces the puff under your eyes with one swipe. We all know I have a battle with cigarettes and swipes around the delicate mouth area fill in “smoker lines.”

Airelle’s founder is a dermatology expert. Kasey is from Maine. Everyone knows that blueberries are the highest in anti-aging anti-oxidents and Maine harvests world famous blueberries. Realizing the natural benefits, Kasey began painstakingly researching the most natural concoction to give women fantastic results.

I absolutely love that I have this in my purse for on the go, easy fixes and it’s packaged so it will last me a long time. The bottle is compact with a screw off lid and a roller ball applicator. No mess. No fuss. No drip. Swipe and go!

Powerful target treatment for trouble areas. Designed to firm and smooth the delicate skin around  the eyes and lips. Fine lines and puffy eyes are improved with roller ball applicator. Hyaluronic Acid helps texture appear noticeably tighter, softer and smoother after applying. Use twice daily for best results.”


While not playing Doctor (so much more fun as a kid or naughty adult by the way.) I was playing another fantasy role. I call this role “responsible.” I’m trying to get really great at it and I have proof here of me doing exactly what I promised. My main gay and I spent hours pouring over make up point redemptions. We got a ton done and I hope you ladies love your goodies. A sincere “THANK YOU” for being so cool with me and my apology.

We have really great items going out and I do appreciate you all cutting me slack!

I did have the lab coat in my closet so when Boss Lady called I was ready to maybe go undercover. To be fair, I have more costumes than Liberace in my closet. You never know what the I.R.S is going to do these days and I see how much publicity Amanda Bynes has been getting for her wigs. A smart girl is always stocked, ready to go incognito. “On the run” is the new black.

Thanks ladies and what dual use item is your “must have?”

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