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Meg here! It is THE BEST, the crown jewel of BB’s and I have more friends asking me if I have “samples” of this more than any current item. The price is luxury and the product is as well.

Have you ever tried a BB? They go on light as silk, provide coverage to even out your complexion and the finest include SPF.

If you’re like me (the laziest person ever) you welcome ONE product that acts as a concealer, a moisturizer and has protection from the sun. 3LAB Perfect BB is the finest product on the market to remedy all of your facial inperfections and protect you from getting new ones.

This BB is the HOLY GRAIL for everyone that’s “in the know.” 

I am lucky enough to use 3LAB (see VERY USED BOTTLE.) I treat it like Seinfeld’s Elaine using her “birth control sponge.” Instead of asking “Is he sponge worthy?” (A lot of you are too young to remember but Elaine’s favorite birth control was being pulled off the market.) I ask myself “Is today 3LAB BB Worthy?” IT’S THAT GREAT!

I was reminded how wonderful it actually works (coverage is remarkable!) When a friend told me how much she loves the product and regularly gets it. I believe she said “I can’t live without it!” That reminded me that I had been saving my tube for so many rainy days, and then I remembered it doesn’t rain in Southern California and I just should throw caution to the wind and use it!

So I used it, and then I remembered why I save it like a US Savings Bond or the diamond ring from my first marriage. They’re all emergency funds-All items (like the guest hand towels) that we have to look at. Too pretty or precious or valuable.

My face is worth $95 a month! i have to stop thinking I grew up in The Depression. This is a 3-in-1. You’re getting a moisturizer, foundation, concealer AND SPF (So it is a 4-in-1.) Downright cheap when you do the math!

We really shouldn’t need a special occassion to treat ourselves to the best products out on the market! It’s your face! People see that everyday and they deserve to see the best one you’ll got! You deserve to have the best product to make that mug of yours flawless!


I’m curious to hear your favorite BB cream? My favorite is 3LAB Perfect BB SPF 40!



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