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3labmcreamMeg here! Baby it’s cold outside, it’s been dipping in the low 60’s here in Los Angeles. I know, cold is relative, OK?
I’ve been traveling back and forth NYC-LA and it’s definitely been logging some miles on my skin. I’m usually pretty oily and only get a bit dry on my cheeks, not so much this past week. I don’t know if it’s possible but my face has completely decided to change tone. Friday night I was parked on my couch, I had two parties to attend and I was too exhausted to move, plus my face hurt. Yes, my face felt chapped, my lips were dry and I was in no mood to put on my dancing shoes. The only place I could motivate was to my powder room’s mirror. I didn’t like what I saw there much either. My skin was actually flaking. I had manage to do it. All of my skin drying flying had given me what looked like face dandruff. Sexy.

It was time to pull out the big guns. I have had a jar of 3Labs “M” Cream sitting in my product cabinet for a couple of months. I never touched it. It was in reserve for a special time of emergency.

I read all about this product online, and this line caught my eye “The first cosmetic product that contains stem cells from the rare Uttweiler Spatlauber Swiss apple, SO RARE THAT ONLY THREE TREES REMAIN IN EXISTENCE!?

What? Only three trees? I had to, as my grandmother says “go to The Google” and look up this magic tree. On Google it said there were 20 in existence and that Michelle Obama is a fan of this magical ingredient for keeping wrinkles at bay. 20? Well, that’s rare but it’s not THREE. I was a little nervous to open this jar when it was 3. I mean, what if I totally fell in complete obsession with this potion and then it became extinct? I’ve been trying to be a little more careful about opening my heart and getting hurt by love. What if this cream lead me on? Pretend to heal and replenish my skin, got me all glowing and healthy…And then left me? Hmmm? Hmmm, what then?

I realized I was being too pessimistic, there are other creams in the sea, uh store. Thank goodness I decided to take the plunge because while it’s early, I don’t want to dive into “love” I can tell you I am in deep, deep like.

I unscrewed the jar and the moisturizer is thick, but not pasty. It’s divine, I could feel my parched face literally drink it in. Now here’s something I’m very happy with, while the lotion seeped into my skin it didn’t disappear. It left a soft barrier. A “face dandruff” preventer if you will.

Tip from Dr. Barney Kenet: Moisturize your face when your skin is still a bit damp. A moisturizer should trap water in your skin. You only have about a minute from the time you get out of the shower to get your moisturizer on for it to properly work. This I did not know…

3Lab’s “M” Cream has been part of my routine since that fateful, flaky Friday night. I have it on right now as I type away at Beverly Hills Coffee Bean (I lost power this morning, don’t ask. I don’t have an answer.) My skin is dewy and fresh and I am planning on continuing on with this super luxe cream for these super dry months.

Is it expensive? Yes, it’s pretty expensive, $260 on the site. Unfortunately, that’s not even “expensive” for high-end, schmancy stores. I kid you not, I got the Bergdorf’s catalog and the medium face moisturizer was around $400. Right? But you know, there are only around 20 trees left…

How about you? How are you keeping your skin moisturized and hydrated in these drying times?

Buy 3Labs M Cream here.

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