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Hey dolls! It’s Chichi writing out of rotation. Today, I’m excited to introduce 302 Professional Skincare, a company that is on the cutting edge of skin care. I love a good classic, all natural beauty product, but sometimes I pine for the sleek, modern face washes and moisturizers calling to me as I roam Sephora. Their scientific studies, shiny boxes and modern ingredients promise me perfect skin; but they are also full of harsh chemicals and packaged in six layers of plastic. The geniuses at 302 Professional Skincare have combined the best of both worlds to create a skincare line of natural and organic ingredients benefiting from the latest scientific skin care discoveries.

302 Professional Skincare takes their name from ”a new compound from the rainforest, a natural promoter of skin metabolism, molecule 302.” Sounds interesting, but what exactly is molecule 302, you ask. According to their website ”302 is an avocatin, a new class of compounds, a light yellow liquid, derived from avocado. The molecule became the subject of a research project after the chance discovery of a rainforest community in the highlands of Guatemala whose skin exhibited remarkable resilience and texture based on a diet very high in avocados.” Awesome, after living in Southern California for 15 years, I have certainly learned that a fresh avocado can make any thing better! The experts at 302 Professional Skincare claim that the 302 molecule found in avocados in their products will help ”restore optimum functionality to skin cells and reverse the visible effects of chronological and sun aging.” The generous Charlie from 302 Professional Skincare sent the ladies of three products to test. There is one caveat when jumping into this new skincare regime, 302 Professional Skincare advises that you cease using any other products on you face – including moistuizer and SPFs. If you’re still ready to plunge into the very latest skin care technologies: read on!

302 Cleanser is a daily, face wash suitable for all skin types. This light, creamy gel removes make up and thoroughly cleans skin in a unique way. The instructions recommend that you apply it to dry skin as you would a lotion allowing it to soak into your skin for about 20 seconds. Then apply a second application and massage it into a lather. Don’t look for it to foam, the lotions turns into a creamy consistency that you than wash away with water. It’s an unusual wash but I appreciated the job it does in gently cleaning my skin and removing make up with out needing a special remover. This gentle cleanser works well for all skin types, including those with rosacea or acne. If you find you need to address specific needs, 302 Professional Skincare notes this wash is ”excellent for rotating days with any other specific 302 skin type cleanser -such as the Normal/Dry Cleanser.”

For everyone still freaking out about abandoning their favorite moisturizers, I introduce 302 Recovery Plus. This creamy, almost gel like formula is designed to protect and hydrate the skin. ”Designed for any skin type, Recovery Plus restores natural systemic moisture functions to the skin – it helps the skin produce its own moisture. Recovery Plus complements other anti-aging products and may be used daily without causing skin fatigue as so often occurs with many topical moisturizers.” This lotion can be used after you wash your face, massaging upward in circular strokes and adding water to increase the moisture if you wish. I found the 302 Recovery Plus an effective, but not indulgent face moisturizer. It’s worked well with my oily prone skin through this spring months, and I am curious to see how it does during the harsh winter months.

The last step in our 302 Professional Skincare introduction was the 302 Drops, for mature and aging skin. These drops are like a serum that when used daily (beginners start with every other day) helps to ”restore skin elasticity and correct visible natural signs of aging”. The Avocatin 302 in the Drops will help ”reduce lines, wrinkles, evens tone, improves texture and softens skin”. Blessedly, while this product is great for mature skin, it also helps fight acne and reduces inflammation and skin pitting. Finally, someone who knows that not all of us with “mature” skin are free from pimples! Again, you apply these drops with light upward strokes and than wet fingers with warm water and massage into your skin.

I know this line of skincare may seem a bit confusing at first. Don’t worry, there is a wealth of information available on their website (see link at bottom of post) and each product contains an informative pamphlet about your 302 Professional Skincare item. If you need more guidance, the folks at 302 Professional Skincare are happy to answer questions via email or their 800 number. Our very own Blus Lee Lee has really committed to the 302 Professional Skincare regime and has been in contact with the experts at 302. They have been so helpful in answering any questions and guiding her through the process. She said it’s been great to talk with someone so knowledgeable and excited about the 302 systems!

Ladies, I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on 302 Professional Skincare! Did the natural and organic ingredients coupled with the latest skincare science give you glowing and happy skin?

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