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Meg here! I know it has been a few days. I just got my computer back after some much needed upgrades. On this lovely first day of spring, I have brought my car to the shop where I am sure the much needed upgrades there are going to cause my face some unwanted wrinkles. Spring is the gateway to summer and come Hell or highwater, I want my zippy little convertible in tip top shape for the warm breezes. Unfortunately, I may be eating Top Ramen from now until August to achieve this goal, but you know, priorities.

I try not to worry too much about money or sweat the “small stuff.” At the end of the day it is all really small. Everything always works out the way it’s intended to and I do 100% believe in “you get what you give.” 

That’s why I had no difficulty handing what some scientists and Dr.’s are calling a miracle cream, 3 Lab’s WW Anti Wrinkle Cream With Brightening Complex over to my roommate KristenOsborne88‘s 59 year young mother.

The buzz is that this $425 cream enables your skin enough that you can skip pricey derma peels and that the cutting edge ingredients are producing jaw dropping results. Promatryx, hydranox and phyllanthus emblica fruit extract are the main ingredients. All top notch, all (needless to say) expensive. Woman are going crazy for this stuff and the “ladies who lunch” crowd are keeping it on their vanity’s. 

Everybody deserves to feel pampered so when my roomie’s fantastic Mom was in town and groaning about “old lady skin,” I gladly handed over my jar of this miracle cream on one condition…She had to write me a review on what she thought of it. This was a deal she happily agreed to. Below, please find the thoughts of a Miss Hillary Kirwin. A lady who, when not a school teacher, now shares the same potion of those in the “lunching” circle…

Wow!  I visited my daughter in LA for some fun in the sun and “catch up” time and was treated to the surprise of my life!  At fifty nine years old, soon to be fabulous sixty, I am always looking for that one, all important route to the fountain of youth.  I think I found it in West Hollywood!  Lines on my face have slowly been creeping their way everywhere, and who better to complain to than my one and only daughter.  Fed up with my little rampages, she encouraged me to try 3 LAB WW Cream, suggested to her by her friend, Meg, of Meg’s Make Up.<--break->

Here’s the scoop – it’s amazing!  The rich, creamy consistency is unlike anything else I have tried, and I’ve tried a lot of different moisturizers!  I knew as soon as I applied it, that this was the one for me.  I have always had combination skin, part oily and part dry, but as the years have gone by, my skin has become predominantly dry. Actually, for the past couple of years I have needed to apply creams twice, rather than once, to feel moisturized.  Not with 3LAB.  One application and my skin feels dewy and smooth. Even applying foundation feels different.  That dewy freshness that I have yearned for does not dissipate with foundation.  And I feel moisturized all day!

 3LAB is an anti-wrinkle and brightening complex, just what I need.  It’s pricey, but worth the investment!  The packaging is classy, especially the elegant gold jar, a reflection of the product.  

 Thanks, Meg!  You have killed two birds with one stone.  I’m feeling younger and looking better, and my daughter is talking to me again!  You’re the best!

You’re very welcome Hillary! So how about you MegHeads? What is the priciest treatments that you splurge for? What makes you feel like a “lady who lunches?”

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