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drdimaMeg here! I’m ALIVE! What happens when you take a woman out of eighty degree weather and introduce her to little children? If you guessed deathly illness than you would be right! I hopped the flight back east to meet the boyfriend’s family. They are lovely people and I feel badly that I have spent just about the entire trip in a Nyquil induced haze the whole week confined to the basement. This season is about spreading good cheer, I did not want to spread what I was pretty sure was a hybrid of pneumonia/bronchitis/ebola/swine flu.

My fever finally broke today and I hit some hot spots. I went to get more meds at CVS and made a MacDonald’s McCafe run, now I’m exhausted again. It is hard to make a good impression when you can’t be more than 6 inches from a bottle of purell or a pack of mini-tissues. With my eyes glassy, my throat scratchy and my lungs phlemmy-I’m sure I’m just the type of nice germ they wanted their son to bring home. 

I can’t believe it is already going to be Christmas Eve tomorrow. I would ask, where has the time gone? I really want to ask that because I woke up so fuzzy I really didn’t know what day it was. It would be a bummer to sleep through Christmas.

I’m going to be taking the next few days off to get better and enjoy the next few days I have here. I’m not crazy, I know how much cold weather my body can take-I will be heading to a warm island in a couple of days!Kiss My Christmas gift to myself!

A Christmas Gift for you! A visit from everybody’s favorite Dr! Dr. Dima. God, I wish I had her with me this week. Not only could she have prescribed me something but made me look among the living! A huge hit on our site is her mineral make-up and skincare line Cosminology.  

The skincare line is absolutely amazing, we have had absolute rave reviews and repeat customers from Meg Heads who have tried Dr. Dima’s medical grade formulations that she crafts herself in her lab. All mineral make-up is not created equal and Cosminology is  the absolute highest quality that you can put on your skin. Dr. Dima puts her medical background to best use for your skin by creating items that not only work but improve the condition of your dermis.

There are so many winners in this line but I would love to introduce any of you to her Astro Koncealer . Cosminology’s concealer’s really last all day, apply smoothly and most importantly truly cover dark circles.  I’m going to take a piece from an interview we ran a little while back with Dr. Dima (here) We asked her the following *I believe in all of my products, but if I could urge each woman to try this one (pick your favorite) I would?  OMG this question is so hard to answer!  It’s like taking your kids to a candy store and telling them they can only pick one!  If I had to leave my house with only one product (one from each of my lines…) it would be the Kharmic Khameleon Koncealer from the Minacles mineral line and the Hi-Plutonic C from the Skinacles clinical skincare line.  I have hereditary dark circles and have literally tried everything.  The combination of these two products is phenomenal.

They say a picture says a thousand words. Look at the profile picture of the doctor herself in her very own testimonial. If making something amazing comes from a personal need than look at the beautiful results Dr. Dima has achieved and from not an easy slate. We all have problem skin and she is brave enough to show you just how much her products transformed her whole face!

Even though I have been blowing my nose every five seconds and feel like death warmed over you can bet I will be looking like a million bucks in my Christmas morning photo’s. I am armed with my very own tube of Astro Koncealer! There will be no redness telltale signs around my nose and the dark circles will be banished! Ho! Ho! Ho!!

Enjoy the holidays and take 15 off your order off any
Cosminology item with Code 
MEG it is valid until December 27th!
Merry Christmas I hope you have a beautiful holiday!! Love, Meg 

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