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It’s Fabulous Friday! Where Desertdoll brings you dream items worth the splurge…

(Sung to the tune of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”)

Eye creams, I’ve tried a few,
On my own quest, to look younger.
Drugstore Deals, Expensive ones,
So many brands, it made me ponder.
Could there be, a wonder cream,
That someone could, be a-sellin’?
And now I know, oh yes there is!
They call it-Zelens!

Yes, I found an eye cream that made me sing, Zelens Skin Science Intensive Triple-Action Eye Cream. Thanks to Glenn for sending this out and making this tune possible. But believe me, you’d be singing too. From moment one you know you’re in for something special. The box looks like it’s for an expensive watch or designer wallet, with it’s deep green and brown coloring. As you pull the satin ribbon, out slides a velvet pedestal that the cream sits on. The jar is frosted green glass with a silver medallion hanging from the side. And that’s before you even try the cream! That’s where the real singing begins…

Not just a pretty package, the cream itself is pure luxury. I love the texture, a kind of gel/cream hybrid that’s light but so velvety. This may be an odd comparison, but it kind of looks and feels like applesauce. It’s even got a fresh smell to it thanks to an extract called Shiso, a Japanese mint leaf with anti-oxidant and anti inflammatory properties. This is just one of 34 active ingredients. Each scientifically chosen by Mr. Marko Lens, a plastic surgeon and international authority on skin cancer and skin aging (and a total fox, if I must say so myself!)

It’s these 34 ingredients (20 of them natural) that makes Zelens eye cream so amazing. Some you’ve heard of: Vitamins A, C and E, Caffeine, Green Tea. But many you haven’t (or at least, I haven’t): Cyclodextrins (sugar molecules obtained from plants that have lifting effects), Squalane (derived from olive oil, increases oxygen production and is a powerful antioxidant) and Betula Alba Bark Extract (commonly called white birch, this stimulates collagen synthesis). Want to know more about all 34? Easy! Zelens lists all the ingredients and what purpose they provide on their website for full and honest disclosure. It’s also listed in the printed material that accompanies your purchase.

But here’s the great part, instant results. Let me say that again, INSTANT results. This eye cream instantly reduces puffiness around the eyes and tightens the skin, diminishing the appearance of wrinkles. I can attest. When I use this, my eye zone is perfectly moisturized, visibly younger and rather luminous looking. Hence the song. Perfection doesn’t come cheap. But I have been using this faithfully since it arrived and I couldn’t be more pleased. This is truly a wonder cream, and a VERY fabulous find.

If Zelens has made you sing too, let’s hear your tune!

And speaking of fabulous, this British brand is available at SpaceNK. Buy it Here!

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