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yestoblueberriesRecently, I went on a hugely momentous journey! I, Jeanasina, shouted out to myself that the Month of March is “National-Find-A-Better-Eye-Cream-Month!” That’s right ladies, I decided ALL the other eye creams I owned weren’t living up to their hype! They have disappointed me in gillions of ways! As punishment, most of them are all crowded together at the bottom of a container
that doesn’t get opened much. You don’t want to be relegated to the BOTTOM of a container – EVER. That’s like saying to the product..”You’re dead to me.”

Like I have said before, I don’t even have a favorite eye cream because… I have NEVER looked in the mirror after using any eye cream I own and thought…”My eyes look exactly like Eva Longoria’s!” That’s what I’m looking for! Young, resilient, wide-awake, sultry-as-hell, fierce eyes! If not that, then at least it would be nice if somebody said to me…”You don’t look as tired as usual.” That also could be an identifier of some good eye cream!

This leads me on a journey to the on-line information portal that narrowed my latest chase down to a NEW product! I’m sure many of you have heard of ,’Yes to Carrots’ and ‘Yes to Cucumbers’ and ‘Yes to Tomatoes’ but I found out that this company has a NEW line called Yes to Blueberries! Oh you better believe I got excited!

And….edge of your seat people…there are 5 items in the Yes To Blueberries – Age Refresh – line! When I saw the 5 products in their nice clean purple and white boxes …I temporarily forgot I came only for eye cream! What if the other parts of my face wanted some of this new line of products for their needs too? Would it be fair to justpurchase eye cream for my eyes when my face, eyes and neck also have needs?

I knew when I walked away from the display with only the Yes to Blueberries Eye Firming Treatment, that the other 4 products left ‘UN-purchased’ on the shelf would be heartbroken. So I went back tothe shelf and I told the other 4 products that if it works out with the eye treatment, I’d be back for the rest of them. After all, Ireally need to adopt them all right? Can’t split up a family!

I love the “Yes to…” way of thinking! They thrive on ‘The Power of Yes.” They are all about having what you put ON your body be as healthy as what you put IN your body! I like that! Gives me confidence in these people! On the box it actually says this…”‘yes to being low maintenance and highly fabulous!” I love that combination!

The cream comes in a little pump container, there are 0.5 precious ounces in the pump. It doesn’t appear that you can twist the pump off when you use it all up so, if I continue to love this product, I’m going to be getting the pliers out. I’ll hold them behind my back of course. Then, I’ll spring like a cat and use my pliers and I WILL get that tightly sealed container open so I can eek out every single drop!

Are you with me ladies? We pay good money for stuff – we are going to have at ALL of it! AMEN to that right?

A nice little itty bitty dollop of cream comes out if you are gentle when you push the pump. The cream is nice. Smoooooooooth upon application. There’s just one thing though….the fragrance…for ME, the fragrance says, ‘potent old flower’. I would have preferred something ‘unscented’ but maybe the magic elixir ingredients that produce killer results in this new product require that this particular scent be necessary! It stays around for a little bit but eventually you won’t really notice it. I LIKE THIS PRODUCT! I like what I think it’s doing for my eyes!

I use it twice a day and every time the cream says to me..”You know you want to fall in love!”, meaning I really want this to be my IT eye cream! I’m thinking my eyes look less fatigued.

So far the Yes to Blueberries Eye Firming Treatment is making me take notice and guess what? Right now it’s on sale at Walgreen’s! It’s normally $19.00 and you can get it for $14.99!

Ok, I’ll leave you with this…”Yes to all the fabulous things your eyes have seen. Yes to dreamy far away places. Yes to saying 1000 words with one look.” Those were some of their words. Here are a few of mine: Yes to Blueberries which are overflowing with anti-oxidants surrounding my orbital region and making my eyes look more alive!

Until we meet again…you might see me on the news. It will be a news blurb about some crack pot woman stalking a Walgreen’s store where she is seen having conversations with the “Yes to Blueberries” packages!

Just how many of you fabulous vixens have some Yes To… product at home that you are into?

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