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So I was getting dressed for the wrap party for my latest film “Methodic” (the world’s first Basher flick) and I had to do some major make-up repair. I had been running around in the city all day from go-see to call back, with a side of a Tasty D-Lite date with Madam X. So as you can imagine, I was leaning towards “melted” at best! I was on the phone with Meg, and I tossed my make-up bag on the floor, next to my make-up kit in preparation for the make-up overhaul. When I reached for my favorite eye shadow, Girlactic’s Timeless, I saw that it had smashed into a thousand pieces! There was no salvaging happening here; it went right into the trash! Now let me just digress for a sec, in my opinion MAKEUP SHOULD NEVER EVER SMASH INTO DUST JUST FROM BEING BUMPED AROUND OR DROPPED ON THE FLOOOR! Make-up companies have to realize that make-up travels with us, it’s thrown in purses, slips onto the bathroom floor! Deal with it you make-up companies! You know who you are!

Back to my story: what was I going to do? My favorite eye shadow, the one that I get a gazillion compliments on was dust in the wind, literally. Then the proverbial light bulb went off in my head! I had just been to Duane Reade looking for new Double D material and picked up the awesome eye shadow palate from Wet N Wild’s Ultimate Expressions line. I ran and got it in the hopes of finding a suitable replacement for Girlactic’s Timeless and what did I find? THE EXACT SAME COLOR! This Wet N Wild palate has 4 gorgeous shades of brown: a taupe, golden brown, dark copper brown (same as “Timeless”) and a rich chocolate brown. AND 4 beautiful neutrals: an ivory, shell, nude, and light dusty pink. And there is a big mirror that pulls out from underneath it! The cost?? $3.99! The consistency is rich and smooth, and the pigmentation is very high (but not too high that it’s hard to blend the colors in). The shadow stayed on my eyes throughout an entire 3 Jager Bomb night, and was even there when I woke up the next morning (see last weeks DD).

There are three different palates to choose from. For $3.99, why not try them all? That’s 24 smashing shadows for less then $12!! Beat that Girlactic!

I’ve been known to keep a few Wet N’ Wild items in my makeup kit right next to my gazillion dollar ones, anyone else with me here?

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