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I am surrounded by men in my life. But not the way you’re thinking. My riding instructor is a man. My voice coach is a man. My pilates trainer is a man. Even my nail dresser, or acrylic technician as he likes to be called is a man! My hairdresser, yup, a man! Oh and then there is that guy who sleeps next to me every night, but I forgot exactly what his purpose is since I never see him.

Being around all this testosterone got me thinking: those Mormons in Utah are definitely onto something! If it’s so nice to have A man around the house, how great would it be to have four or five men around the house!!! Let me break it down for you: one man who is the work-a-holic money making machine, one man with an insatiable sex drive, one man who’s Handy McFix-a-lot, and even a gay man to gossip, cook and shop with you! WHY HASN”T ANYONE THOUGHT OF THIS YET?!! I am going to start a reverse polygamist revolution! Viva La Big Love!

Men are really like make-up (OK, get ready for the tie in!), you want them to be able to perform more then one function. Don’t we all just gush over those two in one products. Saying how great it is to save room in our make-up bags be having a two-in-one whatever? But just like most two-in-one make-up items, most times they just fall short on one thing or another. THAT is precisely why we need to petition congress for the legalization of reverse polygamy in all 52 states!

Meanwhile……back at the ranch, I’ve actually discovered a great multi tasking DD for you! Wet n Wild Eye Expressions in “Pop Art” is four gorgeous cream eye shadows and one “Mega Glow Illuminator” that can be used as an eye shadow or a highlighter for your brow bone, cheek bones, or pout. There eye shadows are all beautiful colors: a coral, shell, bronze and pearl. They can easily be swapped for cream blush or lip color. They are very subtle and silky smooth. The compact is very cool, it opens up to reveal a HUGE mirror, the size of the entire compact!

Here’s a tip from my old Make-up artist days: If you use a cream shadow as a base for your powder shadows, the color will stay on all night long! Even after you’ve bounced from Mike, to James, to Peter, and Paul!

Any other ladies with some Wet-n-Wild in their stash?

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