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Stacy B here! I love going back and reading the comments from my older posts. Especially when they are right along my same train of thought. There’s nothing like a little validation to make me feel good! I was glad to hear so many of you liked the Wet n Wild nail polishes from last week. I took mine off after some chipping on day 6 or so. My toes are still going strong after almost 10 days. I’ll probably have to take that off soon just to change up the color.
After last week’s review posted I had a moment of writers remorse. I thought, “Did I really just write a glowing review of a cheap, drugstore brand that caters to the pre-teen and zero budget crowd? Do I still have baby brain? Are people going to think I’m nuts? Did I just lose all credibility?” I was afraid to check out the responses but I’m so glad I did. So many of you commented on how well this polish held up and how Wet n Wild seems to have matured and quietly become a pretty respectable brand. At least for nail polish.
I figured if the polish was so great, lets see what else Wet n Wild has up its sleeve. I checked out their Color Icon Eyeshadow Palate in “Blue Had Me at Hello” (cute name!) They have eye shadow singles, trios and palates and I figured I’d try the palate and get as much color as I could!
I have good things and not great things to say. Nothing too bad, it is, after all, an inexpensive drugstore product that cost about $5 so I can’t expect miracles. The colors went really well together and the instructions were literally printed in the shadow. The top shimmer was labeled ‘browbone’, the next darker shade was ‘eyelid’, then ‘crease’ and finally, ‘define’. So easy! And I love that you can do all four as instructed, or use them individually since they are all great colors.
Word of caution…test out each color on your hand first. The pigments seem a little off. The brow bone color barely went on so I had to use more swipes and a heavier hand. I did the same with the second color on my eyelids and it was color overload! I looked like a circus clown! I had to totally start over. Some of the colors are very deeply pigmented and some are lighter. They all go on smoothly and last an impressive amount of time, but you just need to remember which is the one to lightly dust and which is one to smooth with a bit more pressure. I had a little bit of creasing toward the end of the day, but it’s been really humid lately so that might contribute. This is good solid shadow, but its not weather proof.
I liked this a lot and the dual sides give endless combinations. I thought I’d check out another one so I ordered Comfort Zone which was browns, greens and neutrals. When my package arrived, it was a total mess. It had completely broken apart and was everywhere. This does not travel well! Definitely not an on-the-go product, I would never put this in my bag for fear of shadow everywhere.
Given the price and brand, I was very pleased with this product. I’ve always been partial to MAC shadows and this was a pretty good alternative. At least at home!
I’m really impressed with the new Wet N’ Wild! Have you tried any of the new items?
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