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Stacy B here! At the risk of becoming boring, I’m going to review another Wet ‘n Wild product today. I have good reason though! First, they are really inexpensive so I bought a bunch of different items to try for very low cost. Second, they’ve been performing pretty well so I’ve been inclined to continue to try more products from this new and improved line. And third, they are on the no animal testing list.  All good reasons!

As you may have read in the last post, I had a bunch of products lined up to review and they all showed up on the animal testing list that I found on Peta’s website. Not good. I had to go with what I have left and I’m down to just a few brands that are on the ‘good list’. It’s hard to go into a drugstore now and know what to buy and what not to buy so I’m slowly learning the right products and will offer more variety soon. Thanks to all of you who recommended new brands to try, I’m definitely using your responses as an additional cheat sheet!

These last few weeks have been tough for me, I had to return to work full time after being home with my newborn for three months. He’s not even a newborn anymore, he’s 3 1/2 months old and officially just an ‘infant’. How fast they grow! While I do enjoy my job, I would much rather be home with the kids, especially in the summer. But, sometimes you need an extra paycheck for things like electricity. And gas. And drugstore makeup of course. So, off to work I went, in whatever still fit in my closet. I refuse to buy myself any new clothes until I can fit into my normal size. Luckily it’s summer and I can wear a lot of flowy dresses and elestic waist skirts until I can get rid of these last 8-10 lbs. I’m getting there!!

Since my wardrobe is considerably limited and categorized into what buttons and what doesn’t, what better way to perk myself up for work than some new shadows from Wet ‘n Wild? Instead of a coordinated palate, I threw caution to the wind and bought a bunch of singles that I thought would look good together. I picked up 5 Color Icon Shimmer Single Shadows in Unplugged, Platinum, Trashed, Golddigger and Glamrock (translation: white, silver, black, gold and purple). They are small, but with single colors, you don’t need a ton, they will last. And why did I buy so many? Because they were $2!! Each! I find that much in change in my car after a few weeks!

The bad news first. Golddigger never made it home. By the time it got there, it was a total mess of crumbled, separated, piece-y glitter. I didn’t even undo the seal, it would have dropped a glitter bomb in my bathroom. $2, down the drain. The other colors survived and I tried each on my hand for color testing purposes. LIke the last Wet ‘n Wild shadow I tried, the pigments are off. Some come on really strong and you can easily overload on your lids, and some are really light. Oddly enough, the shimmery white went on really heavy, but the silver shimmer barely showed up. I would have thought it would be the white that would be lighter than the silver. The black seemed right on and so did the purple. You just have to know which you need to apply heavily and which to apply lightly.

They blend together really well, and helped me create an understated but fun purple-ish smokey eye for my first day back at work. And no, I did NOT cry it off on the way there. OK maybe a little but I dabbed the tears and nothing smudged.

With the pigments being a little unpredictable, I did find that some wore off faster than others, and some weren’t as easy to blend. The darker shades stay on longer but don’t seem to blend as smoothly so you better have a really steady hand when you apply. I tried one of the palates a few weeks ago and had to wash my entire face and completely start over because one of the darker shades went on all clunky and then bits fell down my face (this was an ‘apply lightly’ shade!) and made my cheeks look blue.

The lighter shades blend well, but don’t last as long. For $2, I’ll deal with it.

The colors are fun, the shimmers are sparkly but not overly glittery and the small, square holders stack very nicely in my shadow tray. You can’t go wrong with a decent product for so little money!

What is your favorite steal?

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