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The sassy and sophisticated Kathryn from Vincent Longo sent Megs Makeup out so many gorgeous items to test! Beautyzilla always raved about this brand so I was so excited when we were sent such a fabulous array.

I know that you ladies are always going ga ga for Longo’s lipstains, this was going to be far more interesting. Kathryn supplied us with everything from false lashes to pressed powder-expect a range of products reviewed! I don’t think we need another “OMG! You have to try Vincent Longo’s Lipstain”!

When flipping through a Vogue or W, I’ll look at the editorials of the models and love the look but have no idea how it was pulled off! I love Vincent Longo’s site. Whether you want to be a “Sultry Siren” “Poetic Dreamer” or “Executive Beauty” he shows exactly what products to use to acheive the look. Since Vincent can’t swing by and put my face on for me I’m grateful he’s guiding me along and helping take the guess work out of it.

Make-up artists have such cult followings now they’re starting to gather fans usually reserved for their star clients. According to a recent New York Times article, Vincent Longo has turned into the kind of celebrity usually reserved for the famous faces he paints (every A-List imagined). Here’s what Vincent Longo had to say about his recent Barney’s appearance to the NYT…“I’ve had women cry when they’ve met me or break into a sweat so bad I couldn’t apply makeup because it kept slipping off”.

Is it now more powerful to weild an expert powderpuff then strum a mean guitar? Is applying a perfect smoky eye the new way to get a woman to throw her bra at you? Chicks for free? Get to mixing potions in your kitchen!

Following the makeup runway trends is fun for me but it’s hard to pull it all off! We were lucky enought to receive the Longo collection during the summer of 2007. Every model on the summer runway was sporting neutral eyes and bright fuschia lips (glad summers over-not an easy look). When we put all of the beautiful, black VL boxes on the table at our mailing I decided I was going to go for it. Right in front of me was Vincent Longo’s newest summer “Diamond Lipgloss” in his newest summer color “Via Veneto”. It is shocking, sexy and so fuschia! I think the other girls were relieved that’s what I grabbed. My findings? Great consistency, great staying power, color? Let’s just say you really have to be into the fuschia to pull it off. I liked it but probably not for everyone. We got a bunch of colors so I’m sure the ladies will fill you in on what ones are “must haves”.

Ladies, let us know what you got and how you liked it! Any other Vincent Longo groupies on his tour bus?

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