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Every Thursday Rachael Robbins brings you the best of her DD’s! Sorry this DD is going to be a little shorter then normal Rach is having some technical difficulties!

OK all you Drug Store Deal enthusiasts! It’s time for a field trip!! I know you all like the convenience of popping off to your local CVS to peruse the aisles without getting harassed by sales people, or braving the mall parking lots! But I have discovered an inspiring reason to do so. Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Luminous Shadow is an adorable little on-the-go eyeshadow with the applicator built right it! Kind of like a little nail polish bottle, but with a sponge tip in place of the brush. It’s filled with beautiful rich shadow that makes smokey eyes a breeze and has impressive staying power. It comes in 12 colors ranging from dark blues and rich browns to the lightest shell pink.

My days are often spent running around the city for casting and errands, and then run right into dinner or drinks at night. Since I live in Jersey, I don’t have the luxury of being able to run home to freshen up. I am forever in search of products that are small enough to lug around with me all day, but pack a punch when it comes time for glamming it up. While shopping with my friend Steph, who was in from Tokyo for a week, we discovered these little wonders! She bought them in every color and loved every one!! These little eye shadows are small enough to add TWO to my make-up bag without adding any unwanted weight to my already high-heel induced aching back!!

I am a HUGE fan of rich brown shadows to compliment my dark brown eyes. I bought “In The Mink” a darkish earth colored brown and “Brown to Earth” a luscious copper brown. And the best part??? They are $5 each!!! So, drugstore? NO. Deal? YES!!!!

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