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Kate2004rock our resident Sephora insider gives you tips this Saturday to make you glow like you’ve been hit with Cupid’s arrow.

Boyfriends are bullsh*t. At least that’s what I quip to all of my friends who HAVE a boyfriend when they a) complain about something their boyfriend did or did not do or b) when they blow me off or turn me down to go hang out with their boyfriend who they spend 24/7 with and never spend ANY quality time with me anymore. I’m really not bitter, I promise. I’ve had boyfriends before – clearly none worth keeping. And I would LIKE to have one, but not so badly that I’ll just take anyone. It also just so happens that I’ve never had one near Valentine’s Day so I have never gotten red roses, or jewelry, or stuffed animals (which is OK cause I really don’t like stuffed animals very much, anyhow). I really don’t see what all the fuss is. I DO understand that it is important to show people that you love them and/or appreciate them. And while, yes you should definitely do that all year long, one special day is great too! Plus, Valentine’s Day is RED and that’s my favorite color! So Valentine’s day is not BS– only boyfriends are…for now, while I don’t have one! At any rate, they is some super-fun Lustworthy things to be had from Sephora this year – every gir’s best friend!

First off, I am obsessed with this Sweetheart look from Stila! It is so pretty and fresh, and I definitely think it could continue as a fabulous springtime look as well! The Eyes are done with the Marrakesh Eye Shadow Quad, with the gold shade all over then the inside corners with a frosty pink shadow, then lined the upper and lower lash lines with the burgundy shade and also a gentle contour with the burgundy. Lastly dot the warm pink shade on the lids of the eyes to highlight. Lots of black (or dark brown) mascara–they used Stila Major lash but I think it flakes so I wouldn’t use it. To each her own. Lips are stained with the new Cherry Crush Lip and Cheek Stain (The Balm Stainiac would be a good substitute). Then the cheeks are colored with Peony Converitble color on the apples with a dash of Cherry Crush on top. I just think its BEAUTIFUL! That is SO up my alley! I REALLY need that Marrakesh quad.

If you aren’t going to get 2 dozen red roses…or at least if you prefer to skip the pollen, go for a sweet rose-influence new perfume! Stella McCartney and Stella Rose Absolue are two great choses. For a more classic take on it, Bulgari’s Rose Essentiel is nice. If you’re trendy, Valentino has Rock & Rose with a lovely, luxe looking bottle. If you aren’t so much into rose but you want a fresh new Floral, Springtime smell check out Wild from Ralph Lauren. I got it for my mom for Christmas and it will make you very excited for summer with the notes of Watermelon, Strawberry, and Cherry Blossom, balanced out with Sandalwood and Musk. And a HOT red bottle.

And if you aren’t going to do anything red for Valentine’s day other than RED lipstick here are some classic choices to make that pout: NARS Velvet Matte Pencils feel, well, like Velvet and don’t bleed. Cruella for a Scarlet Red or Forbidden Red for a more brick red. Both are really elegant. Vicent Longo in Select, or Americana. For those who fear the commitment of a red lipstick have their choice of glosses and tinted lip balms! Tarte’s 24.7 Lip Sheer in Friday (SPF 15!) or Urban Decay Ultra Glide in Gash. Stila Lip Glaze in Cranberry or Make-up forever Super Lip Gloss in True Red.

Who’s in LOVE this Valentine’s Day?

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