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falselashmascaraOkay…humor Goddess Granny on a dreary day and play a game with me:What is the ONE single makeup-related product that you think has the power to transform an average look into something spectacular? I thought about my answer the other day when a friend asked me this very question and red lipstick first came to mind but then I realized that I’d have to have one more thing paired with that to create my amazing face and that “it” would be false eyelashes!

I’m already seeing the eye-rolls and hearing those “it takes too much time/I can’t DO it!” protests but have you honestly ever worn a pair or tried to put them on? Have you seen how even a few individual hair applied to the outer corners of your eyes have the magic effect of making you look younger,more innocent, (well…I’m probably pushing my luck here a bit on both counts:) and just slightly like the “Girl Next Door” we all WISH we looked like? How a half-style lash makes you look like Marilyn? How a FULL set of sweeping flutters turns you into a femme-fatale with the power to stop a clock with a glance?
They have such power. What ARE you waiting for? You can have them applied at any decent makeup counter and/or draft a sober friend because it takes a tiny bit of practice and a sort of steady hand although I can do mine in the dark after champagne…

There is no “formula” for applying false lashes but the one that I and many other pros depend on is this: gently “roll”, don’t pull the lash from the container. Coat the not-fringy end with lash adhesive (more in a bit on this) and here’s the trick: you HAVE to let the adhesive set up a bit until it’s tacky before you gently place it right above your own lashes and gently press with a finger, tweezers or in my case, the round-end of an eyeliner brush. Voila! You are gorgeous! Then it’s my advice to GENTLY use a curler and slightly clamp the false to your own lash and then coat with a bit of mascara to “merge” the lashes…liner goes on AFTER your lashes if you want perfection in my opinion, I always do lashes before anything else.

Oh….now I have your attention? Which lashes and what mascara is foolproof when you’re not a pro? Yet again I have your fine-selves covered:you want to use the new and amazing line of lashes from yes….wait for it…Urban Decay!!! They are new to them and there are so many really wonderful styles available that I’d be hard-pressed to name my favorites! I’d suggest you start with the half-lash styles first because they truly ARE almost impossible to mess up and then move on to find your alter-self and explore some of the truly amazing and even downright dramatic options our creative and ever so cool friends at UD have designed for us! They have left NO look un-imagined and have dipped into downright fantasy in a couple of styles and I LOVE them all! Super high-quality and reusable of course if you are careful with them (I use Neutrogena Towelettes and wipe the lashes gently to remove any adhesive residue or makeup after I take them off and place back in their case. They are ready to rock at a moment’s notice!) The adhesive that comes with the UD eyelashes is SO perfect! It has a slightly blue tint so you can see where you are applying it but it dries clear and holds like cement! My favorites alter-brand would be “Duo” lash adhesive but I’m hoping UD will begin to sell a tube of theirs individually soon! Check them out here!

Now here is the utter genius of this brand we LOVE, Urban Decay: they saw a real niche in the product-market and created an incredible mascara JUST for the purpose of merging your own lashes with the false ones! There is nothing else like “Urban Lash Mascara for False Lashes” on the market and it is something else in a tube: it’s NOT a mascara that is designed or intended to be used on your own lashes alone, they have some stellar formulas for that already. THIS particular mascara is thin and glossy. It acts like a go-between while is shines and seals your lashes as they say it “blends reality and fantasy.” It sets them for the duration! A super-small shaped brush allows you to lightly coat on top or under and one swipe of this rich black “overcoat” REALLY makes the falsies yours! It “coats” rather than lengthen or add volume because when you wear extra lashes you simply don’t need that formula in your mascara! I suggest slowing pulling the brush out of the tube because it’s a bit wetter than most traditional mascaras but you can instantly see what it DOES to enhance your hard work and to really makes your own lashes happy to be a part of the ones so many of us wish we had!

If you’re not a lash-wearer, make this the year you promise to at least give it a try. If you LOVE to give yourself what Mama Nature screwed up and stick on those winged-beauties where they should be,“Urban Lash Mascara for False Lashes”, the answer to any mascara prayer you may have previously had! Traditional mascaras can make false lashes look cheap, dark, too heavy, gloppy, or just tacky! This formula quickly and evenly coats and seals the deal with nothing to fear! NO smudging or flaking and easy to take off….literally lash perfection in a super stylish and sleek tube! Buy this marvel of the product market here!

Are you also a lash lover like I am or are you just afraid to get “stuck” on another lash look and try a set of falsies? You will NOT regret any pair of UD you try out and I also use Ardell 305’s (flirty half lashes) several times a week but cannot be without my special UD mascara anymore no matter the brand of lashes! Are lashes your “one thing” that takes you from sorority girl to siren in 5 minutes flat?

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