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udskyMeg here! I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a thousand times “Urban Decay consistently hits the nail on the head.” If you’re ever hesitant about trying one of their products I am here to confidently tell you to stop hesitating!

The only reason I can think of to not buy this mascara is if you’re looking for a lot of curl. If I’m going out all fabulous I use my eyelash curler (that I heat up with my hairdryer-little trick for you.) The fact that is that Urban Decay SkyScraper Multi-Benefit Mascara lengthens and doesn’t clump! This is what makes me a huge fan. On uber-glam nights I like to apply some false lashes just for kicks, sometimes I do a few individuals in the outer-corner to give a little pop! I like how precise the brush is-it makes it easy to even blend false lashes to look real. Real sexy!KissNo raccoon eyes and no sticky clumpy lashes. The wand makes it easy to apply! I really like this for everyday. Urban Decay was nice enough to send several full sized tubes that either have already or currently are being packed into your makeup points packages so I am really curious to hear what you ladies think of this! The packaging is typical of Urban Decay, their signature purple and black motif cased in a comfortable to wield, rubber tube.

I have given this baby to a few of my friends and I’ve been getting very positive reviews from them as well!

What is the two most important things that you look for in a mascara? Thickness and length or curl and clump-free? I’m so glad that this baby stays put!

What did you ladies think of your Urban Decay! Skyscraper Multi-Benefit Mascara?

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