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Meg here! Much thanks go to Badgirl from the alter of the house we worship at…Urban Decay.

I don’t want there to be a revolt and try not to be too jealous of me. I share, I swear. However I was only sent one. Don’t be mad. I was greedy. I kept it. I dare you, what would you have done?

At the bottom of my Urban Decay pack of cream eyeshadows to send out there it was..It was by itself, I was alone, no one saw me but I grabbed it and ran to the mirror.

Could it be? The cult favorite AMAZING PRIMER POTION IN COLOR!?

Not only have they taken the Holy Grail product but combined it with a universally flattering champagne toned color. It works with any eyeshadow color your sporting and can also be worn alone! The shade is Sin and I can see why. It’s going to provoke others to have the Seven Deadly ones on you when you’re sporting this baby! Jealousy, greed, I was powerless to the bottle!

This stuff get an uber Meg seal of super approval!

Why don’t more companies mix in the primer with their eye shadows? I mean who doesn’t want long-wearing? Ab Fab says it best “Sin is in sweetie!” I do love an over-the-top sinner. I only watch Gossip Girl for Blair. Good girl Serena bores me to tears! It’s terrible but I also Love Mommy Dearest, I’m not for beating children but, c’mon Cristina darling was a little annoying. When Norma Desmond shoots Joe Gillis for not returning her love I cheered!

There are no good girls gone wrong, just bad girls found out-Mae West

Have any of you ladies turned to Sin?


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