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champagneSweetassgal here hoping everyone had a great Valentine’s Day!  I personally had the kind of Val Day that most women would hate.  I of course, was in heaven.  My husband and I went down to the river for two days of camping on the water’s edge.  We listened to staticky old 70’s tunes on the trailer radio, brought some surf and turf to BBQ and had cocktails and bug spray for sitting outside under the stars.  We went for a few walks and played fetch in the cold water with our dogs (yes…I got in up to my knees even in February), sat outside lazing in the mid-day sun reading a book, and even managed to cuddle up for a much deserved nap.  All in all we did absolutely nothing, spent almost no money, didn’t exchange fancy flowers or sinful chocolates and generally did to anything traditionally “Valentine’s-y”.  It was friggin’ great!
That said I also have to admit that though I enjoyed my V-day with the man I love…I also found myself looking back to the many single Val Day’s I spent cursing cupid and I had to laugh.  In hindsight they were pretty damn FUN!  Yes, they were heavily plied with alcohol and were usually joined by an equally miserable single girl or gay best friend (is there any other kind?) sitting over a plate of diet steamed fish and vegetables and a not so diet pitcher of margaritas.  They were also rife with independence, the possibilities of true love for a lifetime or simply hot love for a night and usually ended with one of us cupping the other’s breast in the kitchen to determine just HOW heavy my boobs had actually gotten!  The answer, we determined, was at least 5 pounds a piece.  I was in awe that this was the first time in months a person of the opposite sex had deigned to touch me…he was in awe that I was able to stand erect carrying these bad boys around.  He looked at me with a new found respect from then on!
The point is that the big VD (Val Day that is) can be a rough day for any girl.  Simply because it’s often built up to be some idealized version of perfect french cuisine dinners, diamond bracelets, two dozen long stemmed roses and a man that looks like Clooney and sounds like Connick.  Anything short of that and we think we have failed.  We aren’t living up to the dream and we aren’t good enough to report back to our girlfriends the next day how perfect our life is and how SO not up to par theirs is.  So I say we liberate ourselves from the burden and to be cliche…just enjoy the love!  Love between those in love, those finding love, those seeking love and those finally finding love within themselves.  Because when you get down to it love isn’t exclusive to those paired up two by two and it’s no less present in those going through life as one.  Love exists in all forms and until you learn to embrace love within yourself and also embrace the nights alone in your apartment with just your best friend and a pot of pasta for two and enough wine for four, then you will never really be open to enjoying the true thrills this day has to offer.  Couples Valentines Day is great but so are those nights with your best friend dreaming about your future and wondering when the excitement of new love will walk through the door.  So enjoy it.  Whatever your stage in life, whatever your situation just enjoy it.  And if buying yourself flowers and making yourself a sumptuous meal makes you happy then BRING ON THE LOVE BABY!
We’ve been bringing a lot of love to Urban Decay lately so I can’t be too out of line when I say that I’m continuing the love train with their Primer Potion in Champagne Shimmer.  I’ve been extremely busy lately and I have to admit my time toward application has gotten down to the time it takes for my traffic light to turn.  So when I find something that actually makes my life easier and still keeps me looking wide eyed and glam then I have to say it sounds like a winner!  
I’ve used UD primers in the past and they never disappoint.  However this one has a little something extra.  Still the same cute genie shaped bottle and perfect applicator bent tip, but with a hint of color and sparkle that gives a perfect base to any eye application or can be simply work alone as a quick eye pick me up.  In recent travels for my company I actually spent 16 hours in a 24 hour period being delayed at the airport.  Not only does this give you ample time to test the long term use of a product but it also gives you plenty of time to play with options.  Using my best eye as the all day tester for longevity, I then proceeded to apply and test, wipe clean and re-test my left eye several times on my half way to hell layover.  Here’s some of the best things I’ve learned in my travels…
#1 – My right eye was originally applied at 6:30 in the morning.  Seventeen hours later and my right eye looked first morning fresh and lovely.  No greasy crease, no by-gone eye shadow and no flaking or weird spackle looking lid.  It simply looked like a nicely applied lid with a hint of sparkle and a whole lot of wow!  Random strangers joining me in my abject boredom were constantly attesting to the beauty of my lid and commenting on my still fresh application!  A woman bound for Albuquerque was particularly impressed and apparently Albuquerque is the sweaty lid capital of the Southwest.  I handed her a megs card and told her to spread the love!
#2 – My left eye (subject to progressive change as the flight info changed) endured a variety of mood swings as the day wore on.  Early in the morning it was a copper lid with ivory brow bone accent and cocoa colored outer corners.  This sufficed until my first noon hour delay forced me to a brighter shade to perk up the mood.  Out came a deep blue lid with emerald green crease and a little shimmer of silver glitter in the corners.  This much impressed a young girl bound for Florida and really in to my “Miami Club” look.  Second delay got me mad and in a dark place so out came the smokey eye kit and my glorious LORAC eye shadow in Dreamy…a gorgeous slate grey.  By the third delay my new one eyed smokey and one still first morning copper fresh was starting to disturb passers by whom I can only assume were destined to arrive at their compound in Utah.  They thought I was a little the devil come to claim the innocence of their young children, I thought it was time for a cocktail.
#3 – Cocktail waitresses in airport bars have little sense of humor with half drunk makeup reviewers asking their patrons if they prefer Copper Cutie eyed Angie or Bad Ass Angie.  I had to use my real name here.  Had I sidled up to them and told them I was Sweetassgal I’d have either ended up in the klink for airport hookin’ or in the looney bin for Tammy Faye Baker wannabe’s.  Bottom line is my mug shot would have looked stupendous!  Crazy two faced weird eye makeup chick…but STUPENDOUS!
All this comes down to is that no matter what my look, no matter how long or brief the look stays, no matter what color combination I threw at…Urban Decay’s Primer Potion in the universally flattering Champagne is an absolute winner.  I recommend this for the lady looking for just a little pop of shine to get through a long day or for the girl out to create a truly fabulous eye that will last from happy hour taquitos to last call lemon drops.  It’s an all around great product and I love it.  To our friends at UD…my only suggestion would be to leave some sort of thin clear line in the applicator case to let you know when you are running low….because you’ll want to run out and get more before you hit bottom.  Oh, and to my many new airport friends who indulged my craziness at the SeaTac airport…thank you for your patience, encouragement and enthusiasm.  Makeup really is the universal language of the weary traveler.  Love all around everyone!  GLAM ON!!!!

Who else has tried Urban Decay’s Primer’s? What do you think about it coming in different shades?

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