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UrbanDecayMidnightcowboyGoddess Granny here! It’s that time of year in Texas again when everybody is yelling “Let’s Rodeo!” and they don’t mean coming back to their place for a bottle of wine and a bit of naughty as they do when this term is used in other locations!

They literally mean that for almost a month, the REAL rodeo is in town. Everything you’ve ever seen or heard about this iconic event is true: the bling, the bulls, the blood and the boys! Those hard-hitting and elusive species know as the “Cowboy.” I could say a LOT about the definition and the men. Suffice to say that if you’ve ever been lucky/cursed enough to have a real one, you won’t soon forget it! Wink
They inspire legend to many and there’s even a special sort of girl who collects this rare edition known as the “Buckle Bunny.” They elevate the art of feminine allure to the BRIGHTEST level possible and simply can’t be missed along the rodeo circuit! Their BA-bling, big-hair, colorful-makeup and carefully chosen ensembles are guaranteed to catch the all eyes. Especially of the lanky rodeo man she hopes to add to her collection along with his “trophy buckle!” Urban Decay’s AMAZING new “Glide On 24/7 SHADOW pencils” will no doubt be in the crystal-encrusted pocket of every in the know BB this season! Color of choice? “Midnight Cowboy!” (Of course.)
The ultimate in famous eyeshadow shades and all-time UD bestseller,”Midnight Cowboy” has yet again stayed on top in the standings. Its an entirely new and dare I say the best EVER formulation of this wearable but glam to the max color. It is Urban Decay’s latest incarnation, the Glide On 24/7 Shadow Pencil! The ravishing pinky-beige nude is the ultimate boudoir-babydoll! It’s a buckle bunny color infused with shimmering silver sparkles! It can now be applied with a single swipe of the fat pencil and the color payoff is nothing short of spectacular! I found that no blending was required to get everything placed just where I like it! The wearability and long-lasting finish on this new formulation is simply the BEST I’ve experienced with or without a shadow primer. You really need a solid remover to get this baby off. For me, that’s about as good as it gets! My new and improved version of my “Midnight Cowboy” stays on as long as I want it to. It lasts a LOT longer than any cowboy I know can and can stay the course! Surprised

Absolutely no creasing or smearing or traveling of any kind! These chubby sticks deliver in 12 different shades and I LOVE them all. I’d tell anyone to start with their own “Midnight Cowboy” shade and see where the ride takes you…you can layer and highlight to your heart’s content!
You’ll never know they’re on or what hit you but you can create shadow looks that usually requires brushes, primers, sealers and more in minutes with a handful of these babies! Only a “Grindhouse” sharpener might be a welcome addition. If you want to really get creative, there’s even a  new “Blending Brush” that UD has dreamed up specifically for the job!

You know my personal “makeup test of True Grit” aka how a product stands up to a tough hour in my Zumba class and all my Glide On 24/7 Shadow Pencil did! I got even more compliments after class because “You’re still so pretty and sparkly!” Seriously, I could have sold like 5 of these on the spot last week…not sure if these incredible shadow pencils have hit the shelves in all retail areas yet but of course you CAN buy them here and I do suggest the sharpener as well! it’s the best and only sharpener you’ll ever buy again!
I LOVE to give “Midnight Cowboy” as a gift in any form because I’m ALWAYS positive that it will become the most-loved color anyone can have! The newest form, this ever so wearable adds just the right amount of glam so don’t be tellin’ me you “can’t wear sparkly eye-color…” You CAN and SHOULD! The Glide On 24/7 Pencil makes it ridiculously easy to apply…a total WINNER in my book!

Have you already tried a “Midnight Cowboy” of your very own and what do you think about these wonderful new SHADOW pencils from Urban Decay?Which shade are you just trying to score?

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