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urbandecaylashesSweetassgal here…I once read an article where Bette Davis was being interviewed and she was lamenting that no one FLIRTED in Hollywood films anymore.  She said “I often think that a slightly exposed shoulder emerging from a long satin nightgown packs more sex than two naked bodies in bed.”  Gotta love Bette…she was a straight shooter and one broad I would have loved to sat down with over cocktails and just listen to her talk.  One thing she could teach me…how to flirt with those incredible eyes of hers.  Bette’s eyes held all the lust, all the passion, all the fire of her soul and it all jumped out at you below those thick, full lashes.  One bat of her eyes and you knew the subject of her flirt du jour was powerless in her grasp.
Obviously I’m no Bette Davis, and I somehow think if I started vamping around the house in marabou peignoir’s and demanding someone give me a lit cigarette then I’d probably find myself smack dab in the middle of a rubber room.  However, I have one tool in my arsenal that will allow me to channel Bette ala “All About Eve” and not “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane”.  It’s a pair of super sexy, ultra kitten Urban Lashes by Urban Decay.
I have always been intimidated by false eyelashes.  I can never get them on right, halfway through the night my eyes are red and watering, and I’ve inevitably pulled them off before the evening is through.  Having NO respectable lashes of my own though I could really use them.  Ever the sucker I repeatedly try the latest and greatest thinking it’s not going end up the same way as last time and I am always disappointed.  It’s with this uncharacteristic cynicism that I approached my “Girlfriend” style of Urban Decay lashes and set about to prove myself right once again.
The first thing I noted about the Girlfriend lashes is that they are just a small set of peeper poppers.  My first problem with false lashes is usually the fact that having such small eyes the lash strips are just too big.  I always have to cut them and I never get them even.  No such worries with these because they are the perfect size to just bring some oomph.  Next up…the adhesive glue.  I had some troubles with the tube cap.  Did it screw off or pop off?  A few minutes of twisting and twisting and I realized it simply pulls off but be careful because it’s easy to fling the glue across the room.  The thing that sets this glue apart from others I’ve tried…it actually has a little wand applicator that assists you in applying the adhesive.  Simple yet brilliant.
I used a pair of tweezers to remove the lashes from the casing and pulled off any glue that was still stuck to the strip from the storage box.  Two swipes of the glue wand and a pretty bluish hue coated the base of the lashes.  I counted to 10 to give it a chance to get tacky and placed the lashes in the center of my eyelid as close to the base as I could.  Knowing I have small, almond shaped eyes and tend to favor a cat eye, I knew right away that this wide-eyed center lash look wasn’t for me.  I immediately pulled the strip away from my lid and refastened it to the outer edge.  PERFECT for me!  It gave me just enough length to fill in the outside of my lashes and didn’t make me look like I was putting Chinese fans on my eyes.  If you have large eyes and can really pull off the full lash look I say rock it.  But for me just the addition to my outer eye is all I need to transform me from modern day suburban mom to full on glam 40’s starlet.
According to the Urban Decay website these lashes “aren’t just for proms, raves and runways. They’re for real life”. With 18 styles designed exclusively for Urban Decay, we have a lash to suit any mood or occasion. We even made lashes in ¼, ¾ and full lash widths for a variety of effects and ease of application. Go coquettishly beautiful, uber sexy, or downright fierce. Every pair of lashes is handmade with cruelty-free synthetic fibers. (Who wants to wear someone else’s hair on your eyes anyway?)”  I never thought of false eyelashes as being Green Chi Tuesdays worthy but hey, no animal testing and cruelty free materials combined with any girls natural instinct to get on out there and just FLIRT…what could be more natural than that!?
Always a fan of anything Urban Decay I have to ask myself…why was I ever even worried?  Simple to apply, easy to wear and with proper care you can get at least three wears out of these babies.  Maybe not for every day but for a glam night out, a secret tryst with a lover or just the extra confidence you need to finally flirt with that cute guy you’ve been ogling then I say work it with your best Bette eye banter.  I’m pretty sure she had a little help in the enhancement department as well so take a page from her playbook and “fasten your seatbelts…it’s going to be a bumpy ride!”  GLAM ON!!!

How about you? How often are you rocking falsies? Do you do strips or individuals or do you really go for it and add major drama?

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