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Meg here! We have a gorgeous palette from Urban Decay to discuss! A tin that we stocked with a “starter” color and then one you can fill with your chosen Urban colors and carry with you just like a makeup artists. One with their favorite picks.


Before we delve into Urban Decay, I just want to say “THANK YOU!!” If you were able to donate to AMANDA FOUNDATION or prayed for Banner (we renamed him Grimmy-he’s a gremlin.) or prayed for us, or sent your positive energy and thoughts or hugged your own pets harder that night-IT WORKED! What looked like a serious surgery, became a miracle. I believe it was all of you and your love. Once Grimmy went down on the operating table the tumor just came right off! Like it was a zit and not a tumor! How did that happen? That wasn’t suppose to happen. It was suppose to be a major surgery. Instead it was like a giant blackhead removal. You know what happened? I do. You guys happened. Your heart sent out love and we got it! THANK YOU! Not to get weird (but to get weird) all of the positive energy hit the universe and it got sent to someone in The Universe’s Executive team and it went like this.

Universe Management: Hi! Sorry to bother you but it seems like we have a situation on our hands.

Universe: Egypt? Kabul? Oh, let me guess? It’s that damn Al Qaeda again? What have they done now? How much time is this one going to take? I have lunch in 15. Can we make this quick?

Universe Management: We got this whole “positive energy of hope and love surge.” I wouldn’t normally bring this to your attention, but it’s out of Los Angeles and that usually never happens unless Ryan Gosling is in town. He’s not. It’s about this hairless, tumor ridden dog. So strange, I know. Can we make his surgery work out? The natives are getting restless and we don’t have a Gosling movie slated until 2014 so we need to do something?

Universe: I need a Subway 6 inch. I’m starving. Shut them up. Cure the damn dog.

The next thing the surgical team knew, the tumor almost fell off Grimmy’s ear. You can say I’m crazy (you wouldn’t be unique) but that wasn’t suppose to happen-I thank you. I thank The Universe’s Management and I thank The Universe. I also give huge thanks to The Amanda Foundation.

More than that, Grimmy thanks you most. The donations poured in to save him and I am humbled. THANKS MEGHEADS! (also, thank you Ryan Gosling for not being in Los Angeles this week.)


Urban Decay I also thank! Not only does Tammy bring us awesome products but PLEASE REMEMBER THIS WHEN YOU HAVE A CHOICE TO BUY- URBAN DECAY IN 10 YEARS HAS NEVER REFUSED TO DONATE TO AN ANIMAL CAUSE THAT I HAVE ASKED FOR THEIR SUPPORT FOR. NEVER. That’s ridiculously generous and insane and they ALWAYS HELP.

Our dollars decide who succeeds and this company has heart. When you love what you do you give love back. Urban Decay has always been at the cutting edge of beauty and they are beautiful inside and out.

A lot of you got a build your own palette from Urban Decay! Their shadows are heavily pigmented, colors to die for and blend like a dream! They’re featured in every top make up artist’s kit and their letting you build your own with a palette and UNIVERSALLY FLATTERING SHADE!

So again, we reach out to the universe. I’m sure he enjoyed his Subway and this was a no brainer for him.

Let me know how you like this palette and how you speak to the universe? Because I’m telling you this, ask exactly what you need (universe is busy) and you will get it.


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