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ozoneurbandecayGoddess Granny is in “edit and purge” mode and it’s not because of the full moon/start of a new year: it’s because I find that more and more I have less and less of THE most important thing in my life….time. I want only things that work, enhance or improve. Things that really define who I am and what I do at THIS point in my life and not even a couple of years ago! A daunting task indeed (especially when my husband is a hoarder) I have my “spots and spaces” here at the ranch. I am going to do my best to hack away at any offending items that don’t give me immediate and intense gratification until things are calm and orderly….check back with me in a few weeks and see if I’ve made a dent?)Kiss

This process includes my vanity and the plastic bins of shame (aka those colors and products you paid too much for to get rid of?) It’s stressing me out, I am cautious to toss away that weird shade of purple-pink lipstick. I KNOW it will be just what is required to pull off a look if I do…too bad, so sad, it’s going to happen now. I will persist until I’m left with what is classic, current, and works. No tube or compact is safe from my tossing-hands anymore!

I’m weeding out to make room for what promises to be an exceptional year ahead for products and colors! Our much-loved friends at Urban Decay have left me speechless and lusting over the “face charts for Spring 2011” they posted on their Facebook page the other day: if you haven’t “liked” UD on Facebook yet,  you’re missing out! They have contests, reviews and really give their fans all sorts of “news you can use!” Handy when elusive products return to stock as well as advance product-launch info! It’s one of the best kept pages on Facebook because UD interacts and teases their fans almost daily! I expect no less from SUCH an amazing company and I am among their passionate followers! SUCH iconic products that never fail to perform and delight. From what I’ve seen here and on those face charts, it’s going to be a colorful and GORGEOUS season for us because of them!

Check out what’s rolling out for Spring 2011 here and rumor has it there is a lot more to come, the “looks” are beyond-fabulous on this campaign!

Seriously…a mascara intended just for those of us who adore wearing false lashes? Be still my heart…if you haven’t tried their lashes (with the best glue EVER included!) you must asap! I am not sure I can part with even one weary-pencil in my collection while purging and am thinking that if it bears the “Urban Decay” logo, it stays by default! I am not alone on my devotion and admiration for this company! Beauty mavens everywhere share my opinion and we here at could be considered to be experts on their products as well because they are among our favorites hands down!

I was trying to describe the line to a friend the the other day without intimidating her with the more daring names and outrageous colors! She asked me what “The one product I LOVED from UD the most was?” Tough question but as I’ve bought this item so many times,I thought it only fair to tell her that the “24/7 Glide On Lip Pencil” in “Ozone” was simply beyond comparison and would also forever be a staple in my beauty box o’ trix!

All of the wonderful 24/7 lip pencils are of course vegan as is everything UD creates! They have jojoba oil, vitamin E and cottonseed oil to insure they actually do “glide” on effortlessly. They nourish your pretty pout but the shade simply known to anyone in the know that ranks among the BEST EVER is called “Ozone…”

It’s a white color in the pencil, it glides on perfectly clear with no shine, color, or finish. You can use it like a traditional liner around the edges of your lips or all over…Why would one WANT to use a colorless pencil? It’s magical at keeping any shade of lipgloss or liner locked in place for hours! It’s waterproof and the effect literally lasts all day without anything you apply on top of it. No feathering or sliding around! It’s not cakey or heavy, it somehow manages to act like an invisible shield that protects your application! I love it with lip stains-they tend to be a bit dry and my “Ozone” helps me keep the color inside the lines without messing around…

I haven’t found anything else like this important product and the UD “Grindhouse” sharpener is simply the best for sharpening this and any/all pencils you own! I know I sound like a raving loon when I chat about this brand! I just can’t seem to find anything NOT to love about what they create! The “Ozone” 24/7 Glide On Lip Pencil is one of those items in my “Hall of Fame” forever! No worries about THIS ever being tossed in the basket for sure!

Anyone who wears any sort of color on the lips will find it makes a HUGE difference so do not hesitate to buy it here!

I love to apply this because I know that anything else will just work better because of it…keep it sharp with the “Grindhouse Sharpener” here.

I could rave again about the awesome packaging and vast array of amazing that is Urban Decay but hope you will jump on my bandwagon here and tell us what is YOUR all time must have UD product? Are you also dying to look like UD Spring 2011?I am dying to get my hands on the new cheek colors and 24/7 SHADOW pencils in the beautiful colors!

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