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Meg here! I’ve been very sick. I’m 88% better but it has been a rough week. Running around NYC (in what is COLD to me 40ish degrees) gave me a terrible flu once I returned home.

After being isolated and asleep and sick for three straight days, I needed to get out of my house. There was a danger of me turning into Howard Hughes and starting to pee into bottles. I needed to visit the outside world. I had taken my meds and while I was not feeling even 70 percent better, I was no longer a contagious threat. A shower and easy night out was what I was needing.

Our Manly Monday leader, Nick Stern was kind enough to be my escort. I booked our tickets online and we were set for the 6:30pm showing of OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL!

This was just what I was needing, during my illness I was too sick to open up my recent packages. Fresh from a (much needed) shower, I took my new strength and open a fedex marked from Urban Decay. What was inside transported me to a land filled with bright technicolor! I was only in black and white before I opened what may be, the most beautiful palette to ever exist!

Well, there were two of them looking up at me. The Glinda Palette (I confess, I have not opened it yet.) Is packaged white and pearlized and looks almost angelic. The EIGHTcolors inside were pinks and peaches and golds. Flanked with a plum eye pencil and sheer beige lip color. It is so pretty. I hate when they package things so gorgeous that you almost feel guilty when you open them! It’s like people that only put out the good hand towels when guests come over. USE IT ON YOURSELF is hard for me. I mean, it’s normally hard for me. It WAS hard for me. I couldn’t  tear into the Theodora Palette quick enough.

The Theodora Palette is chock full of sexy, smoldering style. The warmer hues in sables and minks, the EIGHT shades were also rounded out with greens and golds. A black eye pencil and creamy red lip are included. I am IN LOVE! This is definitely the NIGHT palette.

Between Glinda for Day and Theodora for night, you have every eye look you will ever need. FOR A LONG TIME! Are you a good witch or a bad witch? (I don’t know why I threw that last sentence in there, I must still be a bit feverish.

These palettes are so gorgeous you are never going to want to be without them. You can even customize them once you go through the shadows (but trust me, it will be a LONG time before then!) You can actually just pop in any UD shadow pots-how great is that?

The colors went on beautifully and I actually felt like I was among the living once I put my face on. I can’t wait to open Glinda palette for my day time looks. I have an event (a fancy luncheon ooh la la!) to attend on Friday and I will be breaking that bad girl out. Once I get over the heart palpitations and stress of opening such a beautiful presentation.

Run, don’t walk. These babies are going to sell out and you know they’re going to be hundreds of dollars on Ebay shortly. Maybe buy a few as an investment? You know, like you do with other fine art.

I give these palettes 5 champagne glasses only because the option to give them 10 is not around! I also enjoyed the movie. No, it’s not going to change your life but it will entertain you and make you forget about anything that may be ailing you for 2.5 hours. That’s good enough for me.

And, if my makeup looked half as good as Mila Kunis as Theodora, it was a complete win-win! GO GET THIS!!

WHO ELSE HAS ENJOYED An Urban Decay Limited Edition set?

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