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Hi y’all from Goddess Granny who is going back to English 101 today because I love words almost as much as I love products!
They have so much power and when someone knows how to wield their weapons with grace and effectiveness I go weak in the knees.
My word for today here in South Texas would be “swelter”: to affect with oppressive heat. Sort of says it all Cool
However there’s a cousin to this word that I LOVE to use and be personally defined by as well and that is “smolder”: to burn slowly without a flame.
I think that anyone who has perfected their own form of “smolder” is a RockStar simply because they just KNOW that exact little movement or gesture to use that will relay the heat of their being and promise of their hotness to anyone in their presence! A little raise of an eyebrow,a twist of the lips,a tilt of the chin, (most likely perfected via many hours taking arms-length pictures of one’s self for Facebook,LOL!) and the most sensual and seductive method of “smolder” out there is to be found in one’s eyes….I can be reduced to a puddle of goo in the middle of  the serenity of Barnes and Noble if the right man “smolders” in my direction. “Smolder” is something you acquire based on experience and that to my way of thinking, can be the hottest thing of all!
I am an “eyes” person for many reasons but they are the feature that is the most telling for my purposes.If I am ever close to being stranded on that elusive desert-island we chat about,I’d grab an eyeliner before I went for food! 🙂 I’m right up there with the “greats” in this department: Cleopatra, Sophia Loren, Angelina Jolie in “Wanted”,and any of Tim Burton’s female characters!!! Give me black…Joan Jett black with lots of staying power and the ability to make me look bad-ass even if I’m in yoga clothes!

I have used some form of cosmetic “smolder” around my eyes ever since I figured out that it almost guaranteed that I didn’t look “wholesome and perky!”

I’m not a girl who thrives in sunshine,who delights in fields of daisies,or who would EVER be considered “cute”: I’m more of the type who’s found in shadowy-corners,who would rather wear black then anything else,and who in spite of my upbeat and positive attitude much of the time,prefers to be called “geeky” rather than “glam” 🙂 I think I’d spontaneously-combust if anyone handed me a white cotton sundress to try on.
Can we then chat a bit about Urban Decay? This company is simply AMAZING in my humble opinion! For over 10 years, THIS has been the brand I run to in any store it’s carried in! It continues to evolve, suprise, and even sometimes shock me with it’s amazing “of the minute” products and ability to stay fresh and current in a market so full of wanna’ be’s and also-rans.It IS the company that “sets” the trends rather than to simply jump on them and I love this little statement from them which so perfectly defines what they are all about:
“It’s pretty. Maybe a little twisted. But never prissy. Makeup for your eyes, lips, nails, hair, and skin. It’s always beautiful but sometimes unusual. It’s makeup for individuals, not for those who want to blend in. Have fun, experiment, toy with a look that borders on dangerous. Shimmer, glitter, sparkle, sheen…use it all and change your face to match your mood. Go from a pixie to a vixen, from a rock star to a starlet. Be who you want to be today, just don’t be average.”
I have NEVER wanted to be “average” (the horror!) my pretties and neither should you! Whether you are 9 or 90, UD will hook you up in style and make you believe you have “smolder” already built-in or really bring it to center-stage with a tiny bit of effort and practice!
When I received one of UD’s “Ink For Eyes” to try, I knew immediately that “average” it wasn’t! I didn’t even have to open the amazing container to be in love and already sucked into the dark-goodness of the “Zero” blackness inside: the shape is like no other, a slick and slender silver-toned case etched with a black fine-lined peacock almost anyone who’s into “ink” would love to have on them! Flat out sexy without any apologies! Click the case open to find a long mirror and a beauty-tool that if I can’t get more of,I will scream: one end has an angled-liner brush that is PERFECT for sweeping on a Sophia-like glam-slash of liner and the other end connects to a smudger like no other…It’s firm but soft and allows one to REALLY make a hot-mess of the product if that’s the desired effect, to simply soften down a harsh line, or to gently stroke on a bit of accent perfect for anyone who isn’t really into the “liner-scene.” Wink The “ink” itself is an OMG of perfection! Not quite a gel,not as harsh as a shadow,and not the least bit hard to handle: you can bend this product to your will any which-way and it will NOT let you down!!!  The paraben-free “nylon 12” polymer according to the company,allows for a flawless application with NO flakies or breakies as you apply.You can consider this product as “fool proof” as any cosmetic I’ve ever seen!There’s a generous amount of fabulous product in the case and I WANT EVERY COLOR NOW!!! I haven’t let my black “Zero” case out of my sight since it arrived, it’s totally portable and instead of “making do” when you feel you need a touch-up, you can pop this out and have your hotness back (in the immortal words of Uma Thurman..) “in two shakes of a lamb’s tail!!!” I am never without this item anymore and it has SKYROCKETED to the top of my “Ultimate Holy Grail” of products list!!! It’s with me on that desert island if I have to smooch a shark to get to it! Kiss
Check out the website: first of all, I would literally kill to look like the model for their Fall line, she’s that delicious and If I believed in “Fairy Godmother’s”, I’d ask mine for one of EVERY SINGLE ITEM that’s shown in the Fall online lookbook! I can’t remember the last time I was so excited about an entire lineup:
They have totally and absolutely outdone themselves with “Ink For Eyes” and the new products featured! I’ve already tried to stalk a few but the Ulta and Sephora folks locally simply look at me with glazed-over eyes as I’m going on a mile a minute about “Sureal Skin” and the rest of it all…not available here yet but when I get back from vacation in a couple of weeks, I’m going to TRULY have to consider ordering up the whole damn lot!!!
Buy your own “Ink For Eyes” here because I am NOT sharing mine,LOL!!!
Perfect that “smolder” in an amazing range of colors and you’d best not leave yours lying around either Wink!

Are you into the whole “RockStar” glam-eye look or are you into a more subtle Megette-smolder?Have you had a chance to try this AMAZING PRODUCT!

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