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URBANDECAYHEAVYMETALLINERIs everyone feeling it? The stress that is December? Every year Goddess granny SWEARS she will not be intimidated or overwhelmed and every year, the month sneaks up on me like a bad joke and literally knocks the wind out of me! I plan and shop, bake and plot but it always seems like there’s just one more obligation or must-do that doesn’t quite make the cut! I also proclaim every year that I will “downsize and simplify” and honestly have somewhat done that by keeping my tree smaller and relying on recipes that I’ve tried before with great success: what IS it in me that motivates me to try that “Fresh Raspberry Souffle with Drizzled Carmel Coulee” the night before a big celebration for the first time? Going to stick to what works and that I know has the biggest impact for the least effort!

I’m also trying to stay looking lovely with the same mantra in mind: no new “OMG…there a 50% off Black Friday sale!” beauty products that I’m not sure won’t give me hives are being used before a party this year and I’ve got it down to a handful of fabulous outfits and products that get huge compliments every time I break them out! Sometimes tried and true IS the way to go and one product I’ve re-visited in my vanity on almost every “special” occasion is my little tube of Urban Decay “Heavy Metal Liner” in “Distortion!” Trust me, the photo can’t begin to do this product justice! We rave about Urban Decay’s incredible and award-winning vegan products so often here on that it must seem like we’re biased? Absolutely not! It’s simply that UD consistently and continuously creates some of THE best items on the market and has for over 10 years! I am a huge fan and I know many of y’all are as well and although “Heavy Metal” liners have been one of their “bestsellers” for a while,I felt an overwhelming urge to introduce you to the ONE SINGLE ITEM that will elevate your look to glam in a flash!!!

This liner is the gold-standard: almost every pro-artist I know of swears by the formula which is “glittery” but not in the sense that it flakes or produces fallout but rather than it literally creates a tiny bit of “light” around your eyes that really makes them pop! The shade selection is amazing and all are exceptional in their own way but I swear that one thin line of “Distortion”, a perfect multiple- iridescent shimmer gives you a sparkle like that of one single PERFECT snowflake lighting up your lid! I can’t get enough of this and have even been using it selectively during the day as it seems to improve my mood also!
I’m usually more of a black cats-eye liner girl but in the spirit of the season, LOVE what such a simple and easy use of one product does to elevate my look! I get endless compliments and it stays on all day and night with no touch up required! You can’t go wrong with any of the “Heavy Metal” shades and the precise tiny brush makes application a breeze! It creates just enough of an accent  to catches the light when you throw you head back to laugh that everyone around you will smile too! I think everyone should own a tube of this and what a great (and affordable!) gift for almost any female on your list! It can also be used as an all-over the lid effect for a dazzling look that rivals the stars or just in the center of the upper lid for a seductive smattering of shimmer and again,it’s just so gorgeous and so easy I think you’ll love it too!

It’s just that right amount of pretty you can glide on in a minute that WILL make you feel happy and look more glamorous!

Buy it here and of COURSE you’ll have a party browsing the awesome UD site,the looks they create are so enviable!

I am thinking I need “Heavy Metal” in “Baked” for a glorious gold-themed New Year’s Eve? Have you tried a sparkly liner to add a bit of flash and sass to you look? Which “Heavy Metal” shade are you loving?

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