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You know how people absolutely lose their minds over Urban Decay’s Primer Potion? Well, I think if you like that then you’re going to LOVE this transforming potion. Every once in a while I will get sent something that the rest of the panel doesn’t get. It doesn’t happen often but it is one of the perks of having your name in the site url.

The Sexy Badgirl that is Tammy from Urban Decay got this magic wand out to me. It’s really awesome. This is how cool it is. You know when you have very limited space but are packing for an overnight get-away? That’s when you can tell what products really float your boat. Of course, my primer potion made the cut but so did this transforming potion!

What the heck does it do? If you’re going for sexy, perfect eyes this is your go-to item! Put on your primer potion, work in your shadow and highlighter, draw and smudge your lines-and then grab this! It has duo ends (fine line and thick line) I tend to go for the fine line. Once you pull out the brush sweep it over the liner or shadow at the eyeline lids. Now you have perfect, dramatic liquid precision lines with absolute no mess! The formula is clear so even if you manage to make an oops! No one is the wiser for it. If you’re from the uber dramatic school of eye’s then use the thick brush at the other end of the tube. Genius!

Here’s what Urban Decay says about their Eyeshadow Transforming Potion…“Transform your favorite Eyeshadow to a liquid liner or liquid shadow! Like eye liner, but without the pigment, Eyeshadow Transforming Potion is a water-based formula with a special mix of emollients added. Dip either brush into your favorite shadow and poof – instant liquid shine in your favorite shade.

The amazing double-ended product features both thin and wide brushes. Use the thin brush for a custom liquid liner that delivers a precise line. Or to craft a more dramatic look, sweep the wide brush over your entire eye for gleaming color that dries down and stays put.

Tips: To get the best color, dip one of the two brushes, wet with transforming potion, into your Eyeshadow of choice, then swirl around to form a sort of a paste. This technique works MUCH better than just touching the wet brush to the shadow. Your color will be more brilliant and opaque. Also note: shadow may stain the brush, but it won’t affect the next time you want to mix up a different color. If you’re a neat freak, rinse the brush with water, then pat dry with a tissue before reinserting back into the Transforming Potion”.

It’s a real “must buy” and at the friendly price of $17, you can’t afford to have ho-hum eyes any longer! Sexy eyes go with any outfit!

Any other Urban Decay Eyeshadow Transforming Potion devotees? I love it~


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