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Meg here! I know I am going to sound like a broken record over here. I have another “I can’t live without it item!”

A year ago I had never heard of this and now I don’t know how I ever left for an evening without it! Yes, meet my new evening staple..Urban Decay Eyelash Primer Potion! No shocker it’s from the eye experts at Urban Decay. Since they practically invented the eye-makeup primer it only makes sense they would extend that brilliance to prime our lashes.

It makes such a difference that I actually get so many compliments on my eyelashes. All of my friends want to know what I m doing differently.
It’s not like it’s a tough extra step either. Two seconds for a Huge difference!? Sign me up!

Once you pull the mascara wand out of it’s purple case you’ll notice the brush is covered in a snow white magic formula. It creates the illusion of eyelash greatness! Talk about an “optic illusion” Here’s what UD say’s…
“Wave this magic wand before your favorite mascara for lashes that appear thicker, longer and stronger… right before your very eyes. Tiny fibers band together, cling to every lash, and construct towers of Babel… reaching for heavenly lashes. Just apply Eyelash Primer Potion, then apply your favorite mascara as usual. Your lashes will look fake, but the magic is real.Our protein-rich and paraben-free formula conditions, fortifies, and thickens lashes with Silk Protein, Panthenol, and Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein”.
I was lucky enough to be out a few nights ago with Urban Decay’s very own Badgirl  -she gave me a fantastic tip! If you really are feeling up for some fun and want to add some Wow! Pizazz and Umph-break this baby out the next time you want to have some fun with your colored mascara’s. How gorgeous does this work with a deep purple or a fun aqua? It works brilliantly-all of the white fibers (which turn to black perfectly once coated with black mascara) really pick up the colors when you feel a little more frisky then just black. It brings a whole new dynamic to your more dramatic colors!

All of this AND it being from the UD Primer Society-you know it makes your mascara have ridiculous staying power. Raccoon eyes never again!

I found this to be a “must buy” what do you ladies think?

Buy it here!

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