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Goddess Granny here! I know many of you have been buried in snowbanks, pelted with ice, and worn thin by wind…it’s just dry as a popcorn fart (another of my husband’s”Texas-isms) here in South Texas but the sun has been brilliantly shining and the sky blindingly blue so as a result, I have “Spring” on the brain even though it’s just barely February.I’m already kicking my deep purple eyeshadows and wine-colored lipsticks to the curb (or at least the back of the vanity, LOL!) in order to make room for a fresher, lighter, look although mind you,that does not mean un-glam in any sense of the word…I think sometimes in spite of the rotten weather and dreary days,it really helps to get slicked up a bit if for no one else than the person in the mirror!

I am a freak for just about anything “Urban Decay” does: they are cutting edge without being too trendy,always on point with their latest products,and if you love colors not necessarily found in nature among your cosmetics likeI do,they are a company who never lets you down!

I am LOVING their latest eyeshadow for the new season called simply “Cream”: slick little portable tubes of color with a built-in applicator that really works for a change in shades that make you want to buy them all at once! They have a high-tech gel base that allows them to glide on evenly with plenty of time to blend and fuss before they dry to a beautiful finish that truly lasts all day and then some with absolutely NO creasing, fading,or streaking! You can even layer the colors for different effects if you let them dry in between coats and the lighter shades can be multi-tasked into highlighters and even blended into foundation for a bit of extra dewiness!

I am wearing “Weeds” a sexy moss-green with yellow undertones and silver sparkles like it’s my new BFF and highlighting with “Whipped”, the perfect peachy-gold: when I get to the store later this week,I will be getting several more colors because it’s just such a perfect product! I want “Asphalt” because I just know it will give me that over the top GORGEOUS naughty-girl black shadow look Angelina wears in “Wanted”without all theblending and mess of a powder!

You can even do a smoky-eye in your rear view mirror without messing up and know it will stay as you want it and even usethe colors under the bottom lashline without worrying that you’ll end up looking tie-dyed and splotchy!

I find that it’s best to allow the applicator work it’s magic without toomuch finger or brush blending…just apply one thin coat and see if it’s the effect you want.If you want more coverage or sparkle,keep adding thin layers until you’re all happy! It’s heavily pigmented color in a genius base that allows the texture to stay “real” and skin-like although you can also choose to create one helluva’ dramatic eyes with this stuff almost effortlessly! In spite of my best efforts and years of practice,there are still times when my brushes and hands just don’t work well together when it comes to shadow…this is just easy-peasy!

Priced at a mere $17.00 a shade,it is needless to say,something just about everyone can feel good about trying and with 12 extraordinary colors and finishes to choose from,there will be something you’ll love..promise!

We already can’t live without UD’s “Primer Potion” and these shadows will be making everyone’s “must have” list as well!Urban Decay hits it out of the ballpark yet again with their “Cream” shadows! It’s a home run for me! What colors did you ladies get? let me know if it made you say Game On!






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