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Meg here to give thanks and props to our own Badgirl at Urban Decay. OK, I hope we have enlightened EVERYONE to try their eyeshadow primer, eyeshadows and ofcourse the orgasmic UD eyeliners. I mean it! Without those eyeliners I know alot of women that woud not only be drunk by noon but passed out by lunch!

Since, Urban Decay knows eyes like nobody’s business it makes sense they would have the ultimate answer for your brows! I mean brows are tough to get right. If I use a pencil I feel like I can’t really smudge the line ever enough. I end up looking like Baby Jane. Powder? Little better, but I tend to forget about brow powder so I experiment with eyeshadow. That really doesn’t do much for me either, the shade is always off and it doesn’t stay well and I tend to just forgo the eyebrows. Thats a big mistake. The eyebrows are the frames for your eyes and they deserve love, they return the favor!

Of course Urban Decay comes to the rescue. The package is so genius and gorge! Its compact enought to fit in your purses cosmetic case. It is so beautiful looking, like a little jewel box with enough secrets to get a CIA job! Pop the top lid and there are 2 eyebrow shades. Really great shades, the entire line can definitely perfectly match anyone. I’m all over the map with my golden/brunette/tawny/grey/blonde/reddish hair and I found a perfect match in “Gingersnap” the combo for girls with auburn hair.

The lighter shade is perfect for the day and the darker one completes my nightime sultry eyes look. Also it comes with a slant brush and a secret compartment that pops out eyebrow wax to tame and hold those brows into place! Oh, the best! They also thought of tweezers! I don’t know about you but tweezers are like gold in my house. Forget about losing socks in the dryer. I lose tweezers left and right. The good news is that they have a perfect home in the little kit and really do get every stray hair! It would take some major effort to lose these!

Here’s what Urban Decay says about their Brow Box ” Who would have thought you could pack all the tools you need for professionally styled brows into this compact little kit?!

Two shades of powder brow color are joined by a pair of high-quality mini tweezers that will eradicate the tiniest of hairs. (Really!) A mini angled brush precisely shades and sculpts. And, a hidden drawer pops open to reveal a pan of wax to set your gorgeous arches all day long. The pretty palm-sized kit (just 2.25” x 1.75” x 1”!) is decorated with Urban Decay graphics, includes a mirror, and fits perfectly into your makeup bag.”

I am sold! Ladies any other Urban Decay FANATICS (I AM) Does this eyebrow kit raise yours?

Urban Decay Brow Box-Buy it Here!

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