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GLISTENSweetassgal here hoping everyone is enjoying their summer.  We’re here in the thick of the 100 degree plus heat in the Sacramento Valley and that means one thing for me…vanishing makeup!  I can almost never maintain a well made up face when I open the door and that wall of heat hits me like a Mack truck!  As my skin starts to glisten, everything I’ve applied simply seems to slide right off my face!  So at this time of year I tend to lighten up on the make up a little.  Softer, more shimmery colors highlight my eyes, a dusting of powder helps keep down the shine and soft glosses take place of heavy lipstick.  
Taking a break from one of my favorite color palettes I broke out my lovely little cube of UltraPure Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Glisten.  I love the packaging from the outside.  It’s very modern clear cube that allows you to view the content color from below and it puts me in mind of a beautiful white deco vanity stacked with these gorgeous little cubes in a rainbow of potted colors.  Something about them makes me want to play with them they way you would poker chips, using them to bet and to up the ante, clicking them between my fingers back and forth.  I’m weird I know but I get these strange little urges when something perks my interest.
Opening up the packaging I found out why I shouldn’t play with my makeup!  This is a loose pigment and a large amount of it had settled in the sifting cap.  As soon as I opened it I spilled a lot of the contents onto my fingers and my pants.  Lesson learned.  My first impression of the super fine powder that was left on my fingers is that #1…Glisten is a GORGEOUS summertime golden hue perfect for highlighting and brightening your eyes and #2…it’s so super fine that I couldn’t even feel it on my skin.  This bodes well for lighter application in the hot summer months.  Application was simple as I dipped my brush in the top and gave a sweep across my brow bone, into the crease of my eye and just a little underneath on the outside corners.  It gives you a golden goddess type of look that makes me want to braid my hair in interesting patterns and wear breezy white dresses with large gold cuffed jewelry.  There I go with my urges again.
UltraPure Cosmetics has an interesting tag line.  They call their makeup “eco-luscious beauty”.  Doesn’t that just conjure up all sorts of sultry images?  Who doesn’t love ANYTHING luscious!  Throw a little eco in there and show me where to sign up.  Their makeup is irritant free, does not contain fillers (I can tell right off…the eye shadow is light as air!), is perfect for all skin types including sensitive and Rosacea prone, and is so light that you won’t get that mask type feeling on your skin.  See what I mean…PERFECT for those blistering summer months when mask like makeup makes you feel like you are suffocating.  This peaks my interest in their Matte Setting Powder which contains Amino -Silk which blocks some sun and helps proliferate collagen and elastin.  They also do not test on animals and are recommended by the National Rosacea Society as well as plastic surgeons and dermatologists for the healing power of their products.  
My gilded eyes stayed bright and sparkly for most of the day yesterday.  Of course normally I would use a primer to help it go further but I’m not into that during daytime in the summer.  So having survived to 5:00 I’d give it a thumbs up for staying power all on its own.  This formula has a way of truly taking to your lid and not just sitting on top of the skin the way some formulas do.  It takes to it like warm ink to fine paper and I love the way it looks.  UltraPure’s website recommends using a bit of water when applying to really make it pop and using a drop on an eyeliner brush for a super glamorous lash line.  They have a Blue Onyx color that I would love to try this with.
I really like this light little shadow and its cute and tiny cubed box doesn’t take up any space in my travel tote.  I can take it easily from day to night with just a little water to plump up the color and the packaging is secure enough that I don’t worry about it opening in my bag.  Just be careful when opening it that you don’t lose any of its precious contents.  Containing a mere four ingredients I think it’s safe to say UltraPure indeed!  I’m looking forward to trying more of their light, lovely and ECO-LUSCIOUS products.  GLAM ON!

What tricks do you have for keeping “loose make-up” from getting everywhere?

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