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truthartbeautyMeg here, I never really thought about eye cream until I turned 28 a um…Few years back. I started thinking about a lot of things like “Do I need a third vodka tonic?” “Is sunscreen actually necessary?” and “Maybe it’s time to quit smoking.”

You know, the same questions I ask myself to this day. 

Then I hit the big 3-0 and finally took note that the crinkles around my eyes weren’t just there when I laughed and the fact that I was looking a little bit tired…all the time. I didn’t know which eye creams were good and which ones were just expensive, so I played the field a bit. A little La Mer for a few weeks, some Clinique the next month. I had some good luck with an Ole Henriksen but as with all things, I was still searching…

Now I’m 34 and I finally settled on one that I really liked and I have to tell you it was an unlikely candidate. First of all, Truth, Art Beauty is a new company. Like brand new. I heard about them from a friend who let me try a little of her stash and I think I am an early-adopter of the stuff. The business was started just this past February by two business school pals that were bonded over their love of beauty and skincare.

Since it is “Green Chi Tuesdays” and we are desperately missing our Sweetassgal, I was so happy to see that I own an all natural product that I can get behind! Not only are these products completely organic but they can be custom made for your skin type. The product that I’m using is their pre-made eye balm blended with pomegranate and rosehip. It’s an extremely nourishing blend that promises to reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Because there are no artificial ingredients or chemical fillers the eyebalm doesn’t smell like other eyebalms. It doesn’t smell like much of anything, which is surprising if you’re used to chemically enhanced products that all smell a little like Britney Spears Curious. It is also a little grainy at first touch, because again it doesn;t use any chemicals that make the natural ingredients falsely smooth. Sometimes, if it was a little cold I needed to rub it between my thumb and forefinger to get it to be the right consistency. All of the effort was worth it. Within just a few weeks those fine lines were definitely starting to disappear and I was waking up looking like I had already had my morning coffee. No more sleepy eyes. I have to say I love this stuff and I’m excited about trying more of their products. 

Do any of you only use all natural skincare? What age did you start your eye care regimen and have any of you heard the buzz on Truth Art Beauty?

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