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Happy Black Friday everyone! Welcome to the official beginning of the holiday season. Hope you take a moment away from your shopping frenzy to visit us!

A few weeks ago I had the chance to go to The Spa Desert Springs in Southern CA for their grand reopening. They just had an 18 million remodel (can you imagine?) and were having a launch party. Never one to miss a party, especially one with the chance of a gift bag, I gladly sent my rsvp with a yes.

And thank god I did! What a party. Not only is the place absolutely gorgeous, the food and drink was fabulous. A few hand passed appetizers highlights were mini filet mignons, crab cakes, heirloom tomato tartines and goat cheese pastries. To drink, organic champagne with fresh raspberries, pomegranate martinis and smoothie shots for those not drinking (not me!) The desert bar was huge, but for me it was all about the cheesecake on a stick, rolled in different toppings. But the best part? I got not one gift bag, I got 5 gift bags. Almost every line represented in their spa shop had a rep on hand giving out samples. I was in heaven. I was also introduced to a few lines I’ve never tried before so we’ll be bringing them to you in the near future.

But there was one line that I not only knew, but I actually received the week before at our mailing, True Cosmetics. Discovering new lines is fabulous, but I think being in the know is even better!

True is a line that you’ll find at many spas and salons across the country. Probably because of their dedication to skin and body care. They founded Idebenone, a super antioxidant that delivers a new level of skin protection and dramatic anti-aging benefits. It’s definitely worth a look, but we got was their fabulous color collection, which is mineral based, of course (i.e. makeup that’s actually good for your skin).

This line is makeup-artist designed but keeps skin in mind. Ranging from neutral to fashion-forward, subtle to striking. It’s a really smart collection, most seen in their eye shadows. Texture is determined by where the shadow is going to be placed; natural for all-over, matte for contour and lining and sheer to saturated shimmering pigments for dimension. And I can attest, the color range was absolutely gorgeous. One of those mailings where choosing was VERY hard!

But as amazing as the colors are, their philosophy is equally beautiful: “Beauty has a power to change a day or a life. Embrace its possibilities and accentuate the positive. Without apology and with a really fabulous lip gloss. TRUE introduces truly modern makeup—in performance and shade range, from protection to packaging. Designed to reveal instead of conceal. Play up instead of cover up.”

How can I not love a line that understands the power of lipgloss? Ladies, let us know which items and shade you received, and let us know- did True help reveal your loveliest you?

TRUE Cosmetics – Buy it Here and get 5% off first order and free shipping!

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