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Remember cosmetics counters? They’re a hazy memory to me but I recall the department store being the first stop on every shopping excursion. Roaming from counter to counter looking for the best “GWP”. It didn’t matter that it was a tactic to get you to buy more stuff, it was “free”! (and I’d never use any of it, but that’s beside the point)

Since Sephora, I really don’t visit counters much anymore. But they formed me into the product whore that I am today and are worthy of a big shout out. Sure, I had lots of bad counter experiences. A particular one comes to mind. Chi Chi was nabbed by a Goth Granny at an Anna Sui counter and talked into a makeover. I ran before one of her Covent could grab me too. I spied her a half-hour later from across the way. She turned to me with a look mixed of horror and hilarity. Dark purple shadow on every inch of her eyes, too light pancake foundation, big overdrawn lips. I had to compose myself, but saved her a few minutes later with a story of a prior engagement, though I don’t know where she would have fit an ounce more of makeup. And the crazy part? Chi bought a $50 stark white powder from her! I’m sure she wears it to her vampire conventions…

But for every bad time, there was a good time. One counter we could always count on was the Trish McEvoy at Saks in Beverly Hills. Not because of the line, which would have been enough, but because of a salesperson. His name was Ray, although he spelled it something very arty like “Rhaji”. He was the dream salesperson. A tall, gorgeous man who lavished tons of attention on us and treated us like we were the only people who mattered. I’ll never forget the day someone asked him to do something and he said to ask someone else, he was with “his girls”. Chi and I were in love. Harmless and wonderful love you could only have with a gay makeup artist.

He had an uncanny way of leading you to exactly what you “needed”. But it wasn’t all about sales. He pulled an eyeliner from my hands once and said “now I KNOW you have this color at home already”. He even took Chi outside one day with a bunch of Clinique powders to help her pick the right shade. See why we were gaga? Here’s the clincher, Chi’s Mom was in from PA and had a terrible asthma attack in our 5 cat apartment. Her skin was in shock, it was blotchy, it was dry- it looked like she felt. Rhaji scooped Chi Chi’s Mom up and took her to a few other counters and got numerous sample bottles of soothing creams to try and help calm down her stressed skin. He was just that kind of guy.

But like all good things, our relationship with Rhaji eventually came to an end. I’ll never forget the day we walked up to the Trish counter and asked where Rhaji was and some woman told us he moved to New York. I don’t think we bought a single thing that day. It wasn’t long after that Sephora opened and our counters days were over.

I think Rhaj would have approved of the Trish McEvoy “The Prettiest” Collection.

This palette was made in memory of the late Ann-Marie Sava-Duncan, a Regional Manager and a member of the Trish team for over 14 years. Unfortunately, Ann-Marie lost her 8-year battle with cancer recently. Known as a truly amazing woman but better known to all at Trish as ‘The Prettiest”. It’s a gorgeous collection, 3 shadows, a liner, a blush, a bronzer and their famous face shine in Malibu (these are amazing, if nothing else-check these out.)

Best of all they will donate the net proceeds of the sales to the Tommy and Romano Sava-Duncan Foundation created for the education and raising of Ann-Marie’s two sons. $95 for a palette is a lot, but knowing it’s going to such a good cause makes it very easy to purchase this dream item.

Rhaji would have let me buy this, but he would have made sure I paid my rent first.

Love Trish McEvoy or have a counter tale to share? Ladies, do tell!

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