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tinteSharonD here! A few days ago I was looking at the area in my bathroom where I keep the cosmetic products I always grab first. I counted 32 eye palettes and I love them all. Only Gigi could top that, probably 3 or 4 times. I wonder how many I have stashed in the many baskets and boxes scattered around my bedroom. I am a person who likes to experiment with eye makeup. I mix, match, blend, line, smudge my way though any colors I feel like using that day. Choices don’t always come from the same palette as I also have many dozens of single eye shadows.

I got the chance to try TINte’s new Smoky Eye Matchbook. I had to admit I did not know much about TINte and wanted to see what other products the company offered. Their website says that that TINte Cosmetics was created from a feeling of a simpler time, a memory of pure innocence, the essence of youth and freedom. The Creator of is a modern day woman who remembers her first encounter with a lip gloss, a lip gloss with the color, aroma and flavor that launched her and a generation down the road to femininity. I found that interesting, however, I was more interested in the ingredients, philosophy and any charity organization they may sponsor and did not find this information on their site.  Do check their site for all the lip, nail, eye and cheek products they offer.  Bath and body products are to be added in the near future.

The Smokey Eye Matchbook is a clever cardboard folding pallet with a nice large mirror on one inner flap and two eye shadow colors; a light grey base shade and a deep gray contour shade, black cream eyeliner, blush, two lip glosses and two brushes in the other. On the back there is five step illustrated instructions showing you how to use the products to achieve a gorgeous smoky eye look. I used the eye shadow brush that came with the kit to apply the shadows and found the shadows to be very soft.  When using the brush, touch the surface lightly or you will get too much product and it will go everywhere.  The shadow colors were very nice and went on smoothly. I had difficulty getting them to blend as it felt like the contour shade would not adhere to the highlighter shade and ultimately wore off very quickly. I had used an eye shadow primer which usually eliminates this problem. The blush is a beautiful pink rose color and again very soft.  There is not a brush for the blush so I used my Eco brush and again, barely touch the surface or you will get too much product on the brush.  The gel liner in a dark black was sublime. It was the perfect consistency to draw a line and dried quickly, yet allowed you to smoke it if desired. I was disappointed in the eye liner brush that came with the kit and found it unusable. It was unevenly cut and very stiff, similar to a household cleaning brush.  There were two lip glosses in a beautiful shear pink shade as not to cause a conflict with the smoky eye look. As we all should know, draw attention to either the eyes or the lips, not both. The gloss is moisturizing and really has staying power. I could not tell the difference in color or sheen of the two glosses so I assumed they were the same.  I would love to have this gloss in a tube to keep in my car for a quick touchup. The quality was excellent.

TINte’s Smoky Eye Matchbook
is a good starter kit, but if you are accustomed to professional quality and usability, this might not be the kit for you.  I would not use this kit in my purse or travel as the soft powders could easily shatter.

TINte’s Smoky Eye Matchbook is available on their site for $28.00 plus shipping. It is also available at select salons. The website has a store locator; however there were none listed within 50 miles of where I live.  I have not ordered this product so I can not comment on packaging and shipping.

Has any of you ladies tried TINte’s Eye Matchbook?
What were your impressions?

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