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Hey there beauty junkies,
Thanks for all of your kind wishes! You ladies must be miracle workers cause my father is up and around and doing so well! So thanks your well wishes totally worked! Now, lets all get together and hope I win the lottery.
Enough about sickness back to beauty!

The girly and fantastic Stacy from Tinte sent Megsmakeup out a gorgeous array of art deco vintage inspired products. We all had a choice between their flavored lip shines, flavored lip colors and beautiful face pearls!

I know I’ve written about our hazey wine-induced mailings and the one where we opened the box that held all of the Tinte products was no exception. It’s hard when we have choices. We are very polite and generous ladies. It’s pretty funny when we pull out different products. We don’t want to seem greedy to each other (i.e. this does not apply to desertdoll-she will push you in front of train if you try to grab a lipgloss before her:)

It goes something like this “Oh, those are so nice”! Then we will coyly pick up the item that screamed our name. “I love this, I need this color…But..No..Really..I don’t mind..Do you want it”? Flutter lashes, look down a minute.”Really? Oh you’re sure? Oh thank-you! You’re sure, right”?

Each one of us plays this sick game of apparent manipulation but since we all do it, there is never any blood shed and we can continue civilally. However,
all bets are off if there is only enough champagne left for one glass.At this point, it is survival of the fittest. Or rather, quickest pour.

So many companies send us “flavored” items and they are usually met with “I like the color, but this tastes awful”! We did not have this problem with the flavored lip products from Tinte. Quite the opposite in fact. The flavors that Tinte came in all turned us into freaks.

“Yum, Oh my God-Meg taste this! Seriously! Yummy pink lemonade”!

“Lisa, this is Root Beer! Should I make us all Root Beer Floats, so delish”!

All of the flavors were so good! If they made “Pepperoni Pizza” we would have called for delivery in 10 seconds flat. They are so yummy they induce cravings!

The package on all of the products was so darling and I am so glad I did not choose “Cake”. I would be 200 lbs. by now!

Here’s what Tinte say’s about their lip shine, too many products for quotes on everything! Give your lips a shiny, shimmery, scrumptiously sweet treat with a swipe of this lip shine. Available in a plethora of mouth-watering colors, this super-nourishing and moisturizing indulgence is enriched with Shea Butter, and tastes so great the kisses won’t stop!
So ladies, please post the product that you received since we had such a fab selection! Please post your thoughts on Tinte!

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