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tini“The women come around every time I’m pourin’ shots…”

LMFAO…no,not laughing: that’s the name of the group who sings that nasty but damn it’s catchy song “Shots!” Goddess Granny is SO not cool enough to know this on her own, it’s a song on the playlist my Zumba (high-intensity FUN and fabulous workout classes!) instructor kicks our butts playing. I am not a big drinker but yes, an occasional “shot” is actually good for both the experience and the memories if the conditions are right and I prefer mine to be Tequila if possible. Gotta’ love that it’s still one of those things in life that you KNOW will have an outcome that’s unpredictable if you’re lucky and in the right place with good people! Shots…

You have also gotta’ love a highly-successful beauty company that designs it’s self after a cocktail lounge and names the fabulous products in the line after cocktails: where else can a girl indulge without caring what her hair and face look like or if she’ll do something stupid that will get her blasted out on YouTube? You can take a trip to the “Tini Bar” and actually come away prettier than when you entered without the benefit of a “shot” for courage! You can “stir up custom looks and colors to suit any taste” and then choose from literally dozens of way to make YOUR specialty beauty-cocktail a reality! Your “mixology class” can be credited to your nails,your lips, or your eyes and I promise it’s just about the most fun you can have sober or online. There are some “physical” Tini locations as well and the website allows you to see if there is one near you so you can REALLY get giddy and goofy over cocktails with the girls!

Basically, ‘Tini encourages you to think outside the beauty-box and to mix colors, textures and products with drunken abandon to create absolutely original shades that are to YOUR taste! They have lots of “signature cocktails” that you can sample and browse but also info for being your own mad-scientist and creating JUST the perfect shade that you’ve been lemming forever with almost no effort or sobriety-test required! All that is needed after that is to acquire your “ingredients” and voila: you are shakin’ that shaker Baby! This concept excites me and I spent a lot of time on the site “mixing it up” and hope to find a physical location down the line so I can really get hands-on with the process but the online site is still tons of fun and lets me get all drunk with color.

I’m indulging in an “Eyetini” with y’all today and sharing the perfect eye-candy cocktail with you in Tini’s “Double Shot” which is if you can believe it, a truly incredible eye-liner pencil AND a ridiculously effective mascara in one! It pairs their “Swizzle Stick” liner with their “Magnum” Mascara in a single shot and multi-tasking just jumped up a notch on the “WOW” meter on my vanity: this innovative product hasn’t left me side since it arrived last week! CUTE silver packaging that proclaims “Cheers to Beauty!” and also reminds you to “Apply Responsibly!” so I was smiling even before I opened my double shot. I give mad-props to the designer of this: you simply un-do the eyeliner from the end of the sleek rather futuristic-designed cylinder and you have in your hand an easy to hold swivel-up eyeliner that you can now apply…but wait kiddies,there’s MORE because the other end have a full-sized mascara so literally you have all you need to decorate your eyes except a shadow if you’d like one and trust me, Tini’ has you covered there as well…this is high-quality products and efficiently packaged “must have” beauty basics at their most adorable!

There is as much product as you’d get in single pieces of product and I find that the slightly downscaled sizing helps in application: the eyeliner is rich in pigment,glides on without any tugging and LASTS even on the lower waterline through a workout class! (Yes,I test products for stability via sweating them off,HA!)The mascara is rich and creates truly flirt-worthy lashes and my shade of “Blue Velvet” included both ended-products in a deeply fabulous inky blue. I’d never tried blue mascara before and find it POPS my brown eyes so I’m loving it! There are several cocktail color combos to choose from and this is a product I can bet anyone would appreciate as a gift or shower favor: the products are all reasonably priced, FUN and what a great idea for a “beauty-themed” soiree of any sort because you could actually get a bunch of them and then mix away madly with some friends to your heart’s desire and no doubt, get lots of color payoff in return with no hangovers!

“Intoxicating eyes” are almost too easy with this and I’m dying to drink up all the other favors as well! I already LOVE Tini’s lip-stains and now can gladly add a Double Shot to my beauty mix and still be able to walk a straight line to fabulous!

Visit and spend some quality time on the site mixing your Glama’ Girl cocktails before you buy!

This company,concept,products,creativity and casual-cool approach to beauty has me reeling and staggering with delight: do you also love when YOU can have a hand in what colors and finishes you wear in your cosmetics?

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