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Meg here! I am having a birthday party tomorrow night. My birthday is Monday and who wants to party on a Monday? One of my guy friends can’t be there so I went out with him last night. I raged! I was like a caged animal released (its been a tough month.) I really was naughty and really wild.

I had to get myself to Costco today with my friend John and we had to get some party supplies. I didn’t put any makeup on except my moisturizing sunscreen. I barely had the energy to drag a comb through my hair. I felt like death warmed over and headed to John’s place to get the errands done.

John: Meg, wow! You look great. Really you look young and fresh faced. I think this is the best you’ve looked.

I am ready to beat him but then I realize something HE IS BEING SERIOUS

He goes on to tell me that I wear too much makeup and it just makes me look older. Solero and Megken have said the same thing to me pretty recently as well.  I don’t know if my new beauty routine should include me going out the night before and dancing on tables but HHmm something to think about I guessKiss

This brings me to TheBalm Two Timer Mascara. My friend was just in town visiting me from the UK and he said “Are those your real lashes? They look real but are they those lash extension things?” They were my “real lashes” I had just used the “Marcus Lashalot” end with is the fuller end of the dual wand. It is great becuse it actually gets really skinny in the middle of the lash wand to collect gumped up extra clump so your lashes just look long and full-but they’re REAL no extenstions needed.

During the day, I absolutey love the other end of the mascara “Johnny Finetune” it lets me be precise and it looks like I’m not even wearing any mascara. It just really makes my eyes POP. It’s just a sexy girl next door hotness. Apparently lately, I’ve been looking like I should be on the show The Girl Next Door! Kiss

I love that it is duo-sides because as women, we need A. Options B. Cosmetic Case Space! I really grab for this little Two-Timer constantly.

So I’m going to start to go more with the Johnny Finetune and try to hide behind a lot of makeup. I mean I am Megs Makeup. It’s not like I’m ever going to be one of those “natural girls” Ugh. Sorry babe, not me.
I will be trying a lighter hand though.

As with all of TheBalm’s products-I think this is a very quality product at a fair price.

I will have a lighter hand with my makeup! I will…I’ll start Sunday.. Saturday night is party night and I’ll be going behind Johnny Finetune’s back and having quite the affair with Marcus Lashalot! As Sweetassgal
says I’ll be getting my “Glam ON!”

What did you ladies think of TheBalm’s Two-Timer mascara? Are you having secret rondez-vous on your old lash wands?

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