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tarteprimerSweetassgal here…laughing a little about Meg’s description of the women who dress up on Halloween, and I have to say for the most part girlie nailed it!  I, however, am one of those rare creatures who lays in bed at night for weeks prior to All Hallows Eve planning every detail of my costume and salivating over my pending trip to the fabric store for beaded applique and sequined fringe!  Yes, I make my costumes and I LOVE dressing up (minus the tramp girl motif…I’ll leave that to the Hollywood starlets trying to get on Extra’s Fashion Police list) in the most elaborate costumes I can dream up.  I have not missed, nor have I duplicated a costume in 35 years and I don’t intend to. I will be 80 years old, dressing up like Greta Garbo in a silk dressing gown with marabou trim handing out candy to neighbor kids vamping “I want to be left alone!”.  But I don’t…I want every little witch, goblin and three foot Spiderman within a twenty block radius to stop on by and raid my candy bowl!

For this years costume I went as a Flapper dressed all in black and white.  Not original…I know…but it suited my mood and I was dying to try my hand at a really killer headband.  I spent hours hot gluing satin roses, feathers, rhinestones and sequins to the coolest elastic I could find and I felt like the girliest girl in the world.  And I for one have to say GOD BLESS GOSSIP GIRL for bringing headbands and girlie frill back!  Now that my headpiece was complete I needed really my makeup to POP and turned to my latest offering from Meg to make it happen.  Tarte’s Lifted Natural Eye Primer with Firmitol was calling my name and was just the ticket to give my all black and white makeup the kick it needed for some true depth.  
The first thing I noticed about Tarte’s Primer is that it’s incredibly smooth and silky.  It really glides on effortlessly and doesn’t pull at the delicate skin around the eye.  This makes it easy to blend in and soften eyelids and underneath both with one product.  I don’t have dark circles but I do like to lighten the corners of my undereye so Tarte’s was perfect for that.  If it was a typical day just hanging around the house I could blend and powder this and give my eyes a natural glow without adding much more effort.  But today is special and so is my makeup so no au naturale application for me.  I’m going BIG with super smokey lids, high white arches, severely shaped eyebrows (which the Tarte primes just PERFECTLY to keep them right in place) and lots of black cats eye liquid eyeliner!  I had eight full hours of wear in front of me so my primer had its job cut out for it.  
Blending and shading was to be quick and easy.  Tarte’s Lifted dried in seconds and I was ready to bring on the shadow right away.  This gave me a second or two to check out the “lifting” properties of the product.  Made with Firmitol™, the proprietary firming complex helps tighten eyelids and the surrounding eye area to help give the affect of younger, smoother eyes naturally
according to the website and though I don’t have many eye wrinkles or creepiness to judge it from I can attest that I did detect a noticeable smoothness that gave me a great foundation for beautiful application.  My colors really popped and my peepers were SUPER spook-tacular!  Sorry…couldn’t resist.
I have been a consummate fan of a certain primer we all know and love and I’d have to say this stacks up well comparatively, with the added bonus of having smoothing and lifting properties.  But the real winner here is the genius at Tarte with “skinvigorating ingredients” such as centella asiatica extract, gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), ginseng root extract, high-performance naturals, portulaca oleracea (purslane) extract plus Firmitol all combined together in biodegradeable EcoPure green packaging.  Not to mention they are fragrance, petro chemical, paraben, phthalate, gluten, GMO, sulfate, dye AND talc free!  Imagine that…beauty AND responsibility all from one really great company.  A tube of Tarte’s Lifted Primer and a little Lights, Camera Action mascara and you’ve got a perfect pair of peepers…Halloween or Hollywood be damned!
I do need to mention I’ve got very oily lids and no primer I’ve ever used keeps ALL of my eye makeup in place and I always end up with a little line of it in my crease.  Especially if I’m sporting a creme shadow that day but I can say without a doubt that NO primer at all is a mess…Tarte’s Lifted Natural Eye Primer is a polished look for me and I was very happy with my transformation from Suburban Mom to Twenties Tarte!  hehe…Tarte…get it?!?

Speak up ladies who love this and GLAM ON all you Tarte lovin’ temptresses!

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