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Tarte Mascara Lights, Camera, Lashes!!

Tarte Mascara arrived in the coolest faux purple crocodile packaging. Faux purple croc! My goodness. I just like to look at the packaging. Then I was worried. What if they spent all their money on the faux croc? What if they had a budget meeting and they said, “well, we have $18 to spend on this item, unfortunately the package case is going to cost $17.50. Can you just use the left over money to stick some sort of eyelash paint in there”? I have never been to one of these meetings, but what if ? Is it like dinner in Beverly Hills? The waitstaff always looks fantastic but they never seem to be able to get your drink order right. Their hair is perfect, true. However when I say “Dirty martini” how hard is it to stick the olive juice in there? Is it possible that this product does work as good as it looks? Tarte does have a great reputation for putting out fantastic quality cosmetics. Maybe they over-acheive in not only fashionable packaging but stellar results. Ladies please post if Lights, Camera, Lashes! Made you ready for your close-up.

$ Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes! $

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