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Tarte’s own sassy Candace sent us some of their Indelible Liner and Shadow in Black. Liquid liner is the hardest beauty task to undertake. So many times, with lesser brands then Tarte, I have attempted liquid eyeliner. God forbid if you make a mistake. It’s impossible to correct with-out having to start all over. So many times my intention was to look like Louise Brooks, instead I end up looking like the lovechild of Cleopatra and Beetlejuice.

Also, I’m no make-up novice but I am a contact lens wearer (soft daily lens). I love that (while trying to draw a straight line) having that damn applicator brush slip and paint my contact lens black leaving me temporarily blind. Fun Stuff.

I was terrified of this product. Then I took a closer look. On the end, looks like an eraser/blender smudge, can it really be? If I want a less severe line can I actually blend this stuff into submission? Can I actually control where the line goes?

Tarte was kind enough to post clear directions for use on their website. I think that means there are a bunch of ladies that find liquid liner tough. If you’re reading this and thinking to yourself “What is she talking about? Liquid liner is a walk in the park”. Then you are a delusional fibber from planet denial.

Here’s what Tarte says…
“Our liquid liner & shadow set is sure to make you feel like a vixen. Maybe you’ll play it safe with a sleek, budgeproof line or go a little edgy with a smudged, sexified look”.

Line ‘em and leave ‘em in 5 seconds flat!

How the get that indelible wink (and keep ‘em coming back for more):

1. Starting at the inner corner of the eye, line your upper lid with the liquid liner—keeping the liner tip as close to the lashline as possible.

2. Using the powder liner tip, gently retrace over the liquid liner—this will smooth, set and blend the line.

Ladies please post if I can now get over my fear of liquid liner and concentrate on conquering my other fears. Fears like dying of thirst. Now that is a real fear!
Where did I put my pinot?

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Tarte Indelible Wink Liquid Liner and Shadow in Black

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